TELO Unveils Compact Electric Pickup Truck for City Living: The Future Arrives

June 15, 2023
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TELO is an innovative electric truck startup headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company aims to provide a compact electric truck that combines the capabilities of full-size pickup trucks with the convenience of fitting in urban environments. TELO’s co-founders include Jason Marks, who led ADAS/Autonomous drive test programs at National Instruments, and Forrest North, an EV industry veteran and former Tesla Roadster engineer. An electric vehicle’s compact design and extra space due to the absence of an engine bay or gas tank are big benefits. Moreover, the Telo utilizes floor-mounted batteries and motors that fit within a cylindrical area around the axles. This design allows the Telo to accommodate seating for five passengers and a five-foot bed. The midsection can be opened to carry longer items, sacrificing rear seating, or a third row can be added for additional passenger capacity.

The Telo is powered by a 106kWh battery that offers an estimated range of 350 miles. It supports fast charging from 20 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. The battery utilizes standard 21700 cells, similar to those used in many other EVs, and can adapt to future cylindrical cells. TELO is currently in discussions with suppliers and exploring new battery technologies. TELO plans to offer its first model with a dual motor configuration capable of 500 horsepower. This will allow 0–60 mph in just four seconds and a top speed of 125 mph. Despite its compact size, measuring 152 inches long (comparable to the electric Mini Cooper SE), the Telo can accommodate seating for five and a 60-inch bed, making it practical for light-duty jobs and outdoor adventures.

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Safety is a priority for TELO, with features such as a hidden crumple zone and innovative electronic aids planned. The company also emphasizes the environmental advantages of small electric trucks, including reduced road damage, lower resource consumption, and improved pedestrian safety. TELO plans to assemble its vehicles in the US and is targeting a starting price of $50,000 before incentives. The company aims to begin deliveries of the hand-built vehicles, starting with approximately 500 units, by 2025, followed by mass production in 2026. Pre-orders are currently available on the TELO website, and the company encourages feedback from customers through its Discord server.

TELO’s compact electric truck represents an opportunity to address the rising vehicle sizes and meet the needs of urban dwellers and businesses. With its estimated range, seating capacity, and utility, it aims to offer a unique proposition in the American market. The company’s tight timelines and focus on execution indicate a commitment to delivering on its promises, although some flexibility may be expected, as is common with EV startups.

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