Loop Biotech’s Harmonious Quest for Sustainable Afterlife: Beyond the Grave

June 15, 2023
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Source- Loop Biotech

In a world facing imminent ecological challenges, Loop Biotech has risen as a symbol of hope, fuelled by a mission to collaborate with nature and make a meaningful difference for humanity. Inspired by the remarkable abilities of the mushroom to transform fallen trees into a new life, founders Lonneke Westhoff and Bob Hendrikx embarked on an extraordinary journey. This revelation led them to establish Loop Biotech, an organization dedicated to working in harmony with nature to reintegrate human nutrients back into the cycle of life in the most natural way possible. Their mission is to enrich life after death, offering sustainable alternatives that bridge the gap between the grave and the forest. As they invite us to join their mission, they pose a thought-provoking question: Are you waste or compost?

Loop Biotech’s Innovative Offerings:

Through harnessing the intrinsic power of mycelium, Loop Biotech has achieved revolutionary milestones, introducing the world to the Loop Living Cocoon™, Loop EarthRise™, and Loop ForestBed™. The Loop Living Cocoon™ serves as the world’s first living coffin, while the Loop EarthRise™ is an urn crafted from mycelium that allows individuals to become part of the cycle of new life and be remembered in nature. Additionally, the Loop ForestBed™ stands as the world’s first living ingot, promoting the integration of humans with nature. These remarkable creations seamlessly merge with the environment within a span of 45 days, enhancing soil quality and nurturing the growth of new seedlings.

The Journey from Factory to Forest:

With their sustainable factory located in Delft, Netherlands, Loop Biotech cultivates 100% bio-based products using locally sourced mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibers. Their innovative approach ensures that the products grow within a short span of seven days. By adopting this regenerative approach, Loop Biotech ensures that they leave no lasting scars on the planet, offering a chance to enrich the afterlife for loved ones and future generations. Their products foster the decomposition of human remains, allowing nutrients to replenish the soil and nourish the surrounding ecosystem. In this symbiotic cycle, death becomes a transformative force, fostering new life and promoting ecological restoration.

Closing the Loop and Fostering Partnership:

Loop Biotech’s mission is not only about enriching the afterlife for loved ones and future generations but also about closing the loop of nature’s cycle. By collaborating with Natuurbegraven Nederland, they provide a distinctive combination package that merges the Loop Living Cocoon™ or Loop EarthRise™ with an eternal natural grave situated in Natuurbegraven Nederland’s pristine burial sites. This partnership reinforces their dedication to collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and nurturing a profound bond with the environment.

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