Charging Depots Paves the Way for Green Trucking in California

June 23, 2023
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The state of California is making impressive advancements in its efforts to shift both the public and private transportation sectors toward electric power. Forum Mobility, an electric truck and charging station manufacturer, is set to commence construction on a recharging depot with a capacity to recharge 96 vehicles simultaneously. This depot is specifically designed for drayage carriers, which are extensively used to transport goods between ports, distribution centers, and rail yards.

The news comes barely a month after the California Air Resources Board’s announcement, shipping companies in the state will be required to purchase electric models powered by either hydrogen fuel cells or batteries for any new trucks starting next year. The funding for Forum Mobility’s project will be provided by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a non-profit public agency that operates a community choice energy program in the California Bay Area.

Moreover, Forum Mobility received a substantial additional investment earlier this year from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, which aims to support the retail giant in reaching its goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Forum Mobility seeks to enhance the accessibility of electric trucks by providing a comprehensive “Charging for One Monthly Price” package alongside its zero-emission transportation solutions.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), medium- and heavy-duty trucks contribute to approximately 23% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. To meet the requirements of new vehicle regulations, the California Energy Commission estimates demand for approximately 157,000 chargers for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by the year 2030.

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Forum Mobility recognizes that although the initial 96-vehicle charging facility may appear relatively modest, their plans include the construction of additional recharging depots to accommodate a total of 600 trucks within the next 18 months. By addressing this crucial sector of the industry, Forum Mobility aims to facilitate the transition towards a green and sustainable infrastructure, not only for California but also for the entire United States. The selected location for the depot is one among the network of electric charging depots being established by Forum Mobility specifically for drayage trucking carriers that operate at the Port of Oakland. Spanning across a 4.4-acre site in Livermore, the depot will possess an installed capacity of 6.6 MW and provide a range of charger sizes to facilitate overnight/slower charging as well as faster opportunity charging during the day, thereby minimizing truck downtime.

Forum Mobility and EBCE’s collaboration focuses on providing charging infrastructure and zero-emission trucks to comply with the recent California Air Resources Board mandate for zero-emission vehicles. This transition towards zero-emission trucks will yield numerous benefits, including improved air quality, mitigation of climate change risks, and reduced operational costs per mile for truck drivers. The partnership aims to foster a greener, safer, and more cost-effective transportation industry.

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