Biden Administration Clears Way for California's Plan to Phase Out Diesel Trucks
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Biden Administration Clears Way for California’s Plan to Phase Out Diesel Trucks

The Biden administration has passed a plan for California to phase out a wide range of diesel-powered trucks. The California law will ensure that truck manufacturers sell an increasing number of zero-emission trucks for the next couple of decades.

The decision made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows California to mitigate the long standing pollution issue from cars and trucks. The new approved rules will particularly put stress on companies that build trucks, as well as those that use a large number of them for transport business operations.

The new regulations will affect several types of trucks, including box trucks, semitrailers, and even large passenger pick-ups.The rules approved on Friday will make it mandatory for companies with fleets of 50 or more trucks to share information about their use with the state. California has the largest economy compared to any US state and has a history of pushing for stronger emissions rules.

The transportation sector adds up for nearly 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions. By 2035, depending on the zero-emission class of truck, they will collectively make up 40% to 75% of sales. The decision will enable California to proceed forward with one of the most ambitious efforts by a US state to slash emissions.

California Governor Gavin Newsom applauded the state’s role as a leader in setting ambitious vehicle emission standards. Standards are generally set by the EPA for emissions from passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles, however California has historically been given waivers to push its own, stricter standards. The decision will hopefully encourage other states to follow through with similar initiatives of their own.

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