Voxan Wattman: The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle With An Exoskeleton Chassis

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Source- Venturi.com

Voxan a European motorcycle company that specializes in electric motorcycles, has developed the Voxan Wattman, the brand’s electric power cruiser featuring an exoskeleton chassis.

The core design of the Wattman could have been inspired by some of Venturi’s four-wheeled project designs. Venturi initially acquired Voxan in 2010, and now it focuses exclusively on electric motorcycles. Max Biaggi rides the Voxan Wattman and has achieved a series of land speed records for an electric motorcycle. A unique achievement includes a new two-way-average top speed record of 283.182 mph (455.737 kph).

Going forward, the Voxan Wattman has been modified to break more records, with former world champion Max Biaggi still in the saddle. Biaggi set the records during a six-day schedule on the 15,000-foot-long (4,600 meter) Shuttle Landing Facility runway at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, in Florida.

The power unit of the Wattman has been designed and developed by Voxan and boasts permanent magnets and liquid cooling, with power figures of 203 bhp (150 kW) and 200 Nm of torque. The Wattman has reached a top speed exceeding 160 kmph, and a 0-160 kmph acceleration time of 6 seconds. It had a recharge time of just 30 minutes from a level two charger to charge 80 percent of the battery.

In its 2020 performance, the Wattman broke 11 world speed records for electric motorcycles—including for the “partially streamlined electric motorcycle weighing over 300 kg” class, with an average speed of 366.94 km/h over one mile.

Now, the Wattman has set its sights on the lower, under 300 kg weight category, with a Mercedes EQ powertrain delivering 320 kW, equivalent to 435 hp.The bike’s Michelin tires have been specially developed for these new record attempts, based on technologies tried and tested in MotoGP.

The brand is conducting its first tests on the Space Florida shuttle takeoff and landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center, with a view to embarking on a new record haul in the first half of 2022.

The Voxan Wattman failed to find a following when it was first unveiled at the Paris Motorcycle Show in 2013, but Venturi, the brand’s owner, has since revived it through these multiple record attempts.

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