Introducing the LREM Rigger: A Sleek and Dependable Electric Motorcycle

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Source- leonarmotors.com

The LREM (Leonart Rigger Electric Motorcycle) boasts a likable design that is simple & no-frills. A round LED headlight, a slim faux fuel tank, & a one-piece saddle that creates a scrambler-like aesthetic are its features. A digital instrument cluster, push button start/stop, adjustable levers, & a small storage space for knick-knacks are also boasted by the Rigger.

The EM (Electric Motorcycle) is built around a trellis chassis with upside-down forks, monoshocks, & 18/17-inch alloy wheels. A single-sided swingarm, which is rare in the affordable motorcycle space, is also featured in the new EM. The Rigger has a 7-kilowatt motor (peak) & a 4.32 kWh battery pack that provide a range of 93 miles at city speeds.

A maximum speed of approximately 60 miles per hour is expected from the Rigger. The LREM is priced at 5,499 euros ($5,815) for an introductory period. The Rigger’s pricing may vary  depending on geography & other circumstances.

The tubular steel frame of the Rigger provides the motorbike with a solid & dependable foundation. The LREM’s high-capacity 72v battery enhances its performance & guarantees a smooth & engaging ride even on rough terrain. The new EM is a good contender for riders who value both dependability & practicality.

The Electric Motorcycle is currently available for preorder. The LREM is a Barcelona-based company formed in 2004 that seeks to create compelling & appealing products with unique personalities. The  new EM is a compact, sleek motorbike  that features an impressive mix of refined elegance & rugged durability.

The Rigger is built to navigate both metropolitan & open highways, making it a capable all-rounder that can be appreciated by novice & seasoned riders alike. No light has been shed yet by the Leonart on its expansion plans or the Rigger’s expected delivery date. The LREM, with its impressive features & attractive style, is an excellent choice for riders searching for an easy-to-ride urban runabout with an emphasis on rugged, sporty styling.

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