Turning Point in Electric Boating: Faro’s PowerDock Unveiled!

September 1, 2023
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Electric Faro's PowerDock

Faro Electric Boats, Portuguese innovators, have introduced the Faro PowerDock, a game-changer for the electric boating industry. Solar energy is harnessed by this pioneering dock, allowing boaters to recharge even when far from conventional power sources. Traditional marinas often pose challenges for electric boat owners, especially when docking spots are distant from the shore.

Industry Shift & Design:

Solutions like the PowerDock are becoming increasingly essential, as the boating sector mirrors the automotive industry’s shift towards clean energy. The design of the PowerDock features a canopy of solar panels, which can fully charge its internal battery within a span of 8 to 17 hours. Owners have the option to add more solar panels or even wind turbines to expedite the charging process.

Charging & Compatibility:

The PowerDock can fully charge the Faro 5 boat model in under 3 hours. At present, the PowerDock is tailored for the Faro5, but plans are underway to adapt it for almost all electric or hybrid boats up to 39 feet in length.

Sustainability & Mission:

This innovation promises not only a reduction in fossil reliance but also a significant decrease in water & air pollution. As stated on their website, Faro’s overarching mission revolves around championing self-renewable boating solutions. Their commitment to sustainability is further evidenced by their option to construct boats using Cryptomeria wood, sustainably sourced from Portugal’s Azores Islands.

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Pricing & Design Collaboration:

Priced between $150,000 to $190,000, the PowerDock stands as the first standalone clean energy charging dock in the market. The design of the PowerDock is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the collaboration between Faroboats & naval designer Tomas Costa Lima.

Features & Capabilities:

Beyond charging, the PowerDock has a unique feature: it can lift watercraft out of water, safeguarding the hull from fouling and potential damage. The self-recharging capability ensures it remains powered for 12 to 14 hours even without sunlight. The PowerDock is a practical solution for electric boat owners worldwide, as it is designed to fit universally at docks or marinas. The charging capacity of the PowerDock ranges from 6 kW to 10 kW, catering to both short trips & extended voyages.

Sustainability & Installation:

The design of the PowerDock emphasizes minimal carbon footprints, aligning with the global push for sustainable solutions. The internal battery of the PowerDock offers a capacity ranging from 10.2 to 30.6 kWh. The off-grid energy sources of the PowerDock mean it can be installed virtually anywhere, from remote locations to private docks.

Future of Electric Boats:

The boat lift feature of the PowerDock is not just for maintenance but also to combat the detrimental effects of marine on boat components. As electric boats gain traction in the market, innovations like the PowerDock are set to redefine how we think about marine energy solutions.

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