SpiritBARTech35EF: The Electric Yacht That’s Leaving Others in its Wake!

August 19, 2023
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The SpiritBARTech35EF, a groundbreaking electric yacht, boasts a range of 100 nautical miles, setting a new standard in marine innovation. This yacht’s impressive range is achieved at a cruising speed of 22 knots, outpacing previous electric yachts that averaged between 25 to 70 miles. The yacht’s design is a harmonious blend of Spirit Yachts’ luxury aesthetics and BAR Technologies’ eco-friendly vessel platforms. “It is a proud moment for us to partner with Spirit Yachts and present the capabilities of BAR Technologies’ maritime innovation to the yachting world,” remarked John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies.

Equipmake, a UK-based electrification specialist, provided the advanced drivetrain system, marking their debut in the electric marine market. The yacht’s propulsion system is underpinned by Equipmake’s HPM-400 model, delivering an output of 80 kW (107 hp). The SpiritBARTech35EF’s design is further enhanced with a mix of titanium, cold-molded wood, and a carbon fiber-reinforced shell, weighing in at just a ton. This electric yacht’s advanced design reduces drag by up to 75%, significantly extending its range.

The marine industry is witnessing a surge in demand for vessels that balance thrilling experiences with environmental responsibility. As global efforts intensify to combat climate change, the marine sector is innovating with renewable energy and sustainability. The SpiritBARTech35EF employs cutting-edge foiling technology from the America’s Cup, significantly reducing power consumption. This foiling technology minimizes hull-water contact, resulting in a vessel that’s both efficient and comfortable.

“Our collaboration with BAR Technologies epitomizes the modern classic ethos on which Spirit Yachts was founded,” said Karen Underwood at Spirit Yachts. The yacht’s sleek appearance above the waterline is a testament to Spirit Yachts’ distinctive design and craftsmanship. “The electric flyer will be the first of a series of boats we design to break new ground as we move into a greener generation of leisure yachts,” Cooper continued.

The marine sector’s future is set to be shaped by sustainable and efficient vessels like the SpiritBARTech35EF. Electric boats have traditionally faced a dilemma: opt for larger batteries or adopt hydrofoil systems to reduce drag. The SpiritBARTech35EF masterfully navigates this challenge, offering an unparalleled range thanks to its 120kWh custom battery pack. “Without innovations like the SpiritBARTech35EF, decarbonizing the marine sector would be immensely challenging,” stated marine industry specialists.

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The SpiritBARTech35EF represents a collaboration between Spirit Yacht and BAR Technologies, pushing the boundaries of electric boat design. “The boundaries of renewable energy in the marine industry are sure to be pushed even further with innovations like the SpiritBARTech35EF,” experts predict. Equipmake’s venture into the marine sector aligns with projections of the electric marine market reaching $16.6 billion by 2030. The yacht seats six in an open cockpit configuration, offering flexibility for users seeking thrill and speed.

The SpiritBARTech35EF is a beacon of sustainable design, blending futuristic technology with environmental consciousness. “This vessel is just the beginning of a series of green vessels aiming to redefine the world of leisure yachts,” emphasized John Cooper. The SpiritBARTech35EF stands as a testament to the marine industry’s commitment to producing sustainable, efficient, and innovative vessels for the future.

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