The Story of an All-Electric Hydrofoil Known as the Wakinyan from Native American Myth
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The Story of an All-Electric Hydrofoil Known as the Wakinyan from Native American Myth

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A mega vessel concept named Wakinyan, inspired by Native American mythology, has been designed by Aras Kazar. Veiled in fiber & tempered glass, the vessel gives off a visual of gold accents under natural light. The trimaran’s aluminum exterior takes after the beak of a bird or a flight-ready feathered creature.

The vessel is named Wakinyan, meaning “thunder spirits”, “Thunder beings”, or ” thunder birds” in the native language viz. Lakota. Wakinyan spans 130 meters with a 26-meter beam & a total width of 38 meters. The hull of the vessel is based on a hydrofoil system to give passengers a smooth & fast ride.

This vessel, a mega yacht, is equipped with all-electric & hydrofoil technology, allowing it to achieve a maximum speed of 32 knots. The seafarers are provided with panoramic views, as the interior of Wakinyan is bathed in natural light with expansive panels of tempered glass.

The mega yacht’s multihull can accommodate up to 12 guests across five “cloudy” state rooms & one owner’s suite. Wakinyan features a supersized pool on the aft deck, flanked by a sunbed, & a large indoor spa. 

Passengers feel calm & relaxed, both inside & outside, due to the design of the Wakinyan. Known for his disruptive vessel designs, Aras Kazar has more projects in the pipeline to be released in the coming months.

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