Beachgoers Beware: Rodent Infestation Shocks Cork!

August 20, 2023
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Cork County Council’s Warning on Ballyrisode Beach:

Cork County Council has issued an urgent warning to beachgoers about a rodent infestation at Ballyrisode Beach in West Cork. Located just a short drive from Schull village, Ballyrisode Beach is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. The emergency closure was announced after numerous reports of vermin sightings, especially around the beach’s car parks. The council took to social media platforms around lunchtime to share the concerning news, following alerts from the local community.

With Met Éireann forecasting temperatures soaring above 21 degrees, many had planned to flock to the beach. However, the council’s spokesperson advised against swimming or playing near the rocky areas close to the parking zones due to the infestation. The wider beach area also requires caution, as rodents have been spotted there as well. Efforts are underway to address the infestation, with the council employing a contractor to manage the situation. This contractor has already placed bait on the beach and will continue monitoring and baiting until the rodent issue is fully resolved. The council’s proactive approach aims to ensure the safety of those hoping to enjoy a seaside day.

Background on Ballyrisode Beach and the Rodent Problem:

Ballyrisode Beach, nestled between Schull and Goleen and near the Mizen peninsula, has always been a magnet for families and sunbathers. The rodent problem is believed to have been exacerbated by visitors leaving litter and food waste behind. Back in Cork, Ballyrisode Beach’s current swimming restrictions are expected to last for two weeks, as per The Environmental Protection Agency’s website,, provides real-time water quality updates for Ireland’s beaches. Another beach in Toomore, Co Cork, has also advised against swimming due to potential water quality issues.

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Rodent Issues in Dublin:

Earlier in the month, a similar rodent issue was reported at a Dublin playground, which required sanitization. Dublin City Parks had been keeping a close watch on the rat situation in Ranelagh Gardens. Cllr Hazel Chu, who personally witnessed the rat problem, mentioned that rain had washed away previous pest control efforts, but reassured that a new plan was in place. The Dublin playground issue highlighted the importance of pest control measures, with plans to add more rat boxes and identify potential rodent entry points. Cllr Paddy McCartan expressed his concerns, emphasizing the need for immediate action, especially considering the health risks posed by rats. Another council member, Cllr Dermot Lacey, pointed out that inadequate waste collection might be contributing to the problem.

Responses and Measures Taken:

Dublin City Parks has prioritized the issue, contracting pest control services and monitoring the situation daily. The HSE clarified that pest control on public lands, like Ranelagh Gardens, falls under the jurisdiction of the local authority, in this case, Dublin City Council. Rentokil, a pest control company, suggested that the recent surge in rat sightings might be due to weather changes, pushing the rodents above ground. Dublin City Council has taken measures, including deploying bait boxes and urging the public not to feed wildfowl.

What Next:

The council’s primary concern remains the safety and well-being of the public, urging them to stay informed and exercise caution. As summer continues, it’s crucial for visitors to beaches and public areas to be responsible, ensuring they don’t leave waste behind, which can attract pests.

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