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Tom Hanks Opens Up About the Brave New World of AI-Generated Performances

May 25, 2023
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Hollywood legend Tom Hanks discusses the potential future of AI-generated performances and their impact on the acting industry. Hanks emphasizes the need for Hollywood to adapt intellectual property rules before extensively utilizing AI in films.

Hanks views AI as an opportunity to transcend time and preserve an actor’s legacy, allowing performances to continue even after their passing. The actor envisions the possibility of recreating oneself at any age using AI or deep fake technology, blurring the lines between real and artificial performances.

As AI-generated performances are still far from perfect, Hanks believes it will sooner or later become indistinguishable from reality. Legal concerns arise regarding the use of AI to replace actors, prompting discussions among Hollywood stars, guilds, agencies, and legal firms about intellectual property rights.

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The challenges of AI in filmmaking extend throughout the entire industry, requiring measures to protect the rights of the real people involved. Tom Hanks is featured in Wes Anderson’s  film “Asteroid City” and is working with Robert Zemeckis and Eric Roth on an adaptation of Richard McGuire’s “Here.”

“Asteroid City” will be released on June 16, while the release date for “Here” hasn’t been announced yet. Hanks’ upcoming projects highlight his continuous involvement in the film industry, despite the potential impact of AI-generated performances. As an acclaimed actor, Hanks remains committed to his craft and continues to contribute to the art of storytelling through his diverse roles.

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