New Jersey’s Bold Step to Demolish Logan Generating Plant for Sustainable Energy

May 25, 2023
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New Jersey demolished Logan Generating Plant, one of its last remaining coal-fired power plants, to take an essential step towards a clean energy future. Starwood Energy Group took over the 28-year-old Logan plant in 2018 to transform it into an affordable and environmentally friendly energy source.

This initiative comes together for a broader national and global effort to cut down on polluting energy sources and adopt cleaner, more sustainable power generation. The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign came up with a report that highlights the negative impacts associated with the heavy reliance on coal in the United States.

Logan Generating Plant will be switched to battery storage technology as part of the state’s aggressive push towards clean energy adoption. Starwood Energy has planned a new $1 billion venture that will utilize batteries to store power generated from renewable energy sources.

The Logan plant was one of two coal-fired plants that Starwood Energy decided to close with an agreement with the state and a local utility. Fine particle pollution from coal plants caused approximately 3,800 premature deaths annually, even affecting states far away from the actual plant location.

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Coal is unhealthier option compared to more cost-effective alternatives like wind and solar power, as highlighted by Forbes. The heat-trapping gases emitted from coal plants contribute to climate crisis responsible for quite a few natural disasters. Former coal plant sites, being connected to the power grid, are ideal for the implementation of energy storage projects, according to Bloomberg.

Most clean energy sources require battery storage since their generation is dependent on weather conditions, unlike coal that can produce power on demand. New Jersey’s current wind and solar capacity does not necessitate extensive battery storage, but Starwood Energy Group recognizes the inevitable future shift towards renewables.

Starwood’s CEO, Himanshu Saxena, asserts that the transition to clean energy is irreversible, emphasizing the urgency for embracing sustainable alternatives. The successful adoption of clean energy technologies requires collective participation and support from individuals, organizations, and policymakers.

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