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Tesla Cybertruck’s Cheeky Nod to Ford’s F-150 or a Revolutionary Disguise?

July 27, 2023
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The playful rivalry between Ford and Tesla is hitting new heights, as Tesla has seen fit to shroud a prototype Cybertruck in vinyl, mimicking the aesthetic of Ford’s iconic, combustion-engine F-150. This act of jovial imitation adds another chapter to the ongoing banter between the two automaker’s CEOs, Elon Musk and Jim Farley. While they exhibit mutual respect, both leaders seize any chance to indulge in light-hearted ribbing.

Under the guise of an F-150, the Cybertruck poses a fascinating conundrum. Is the goal to make it seem less interesting and avoid attention or is it a cheeky nod to Musk’s stated belief that the Ford Lightning is lacking excitement? With several such ‘disguised’ Cybertrucks out and about, it’s clear the spirit of fun is alive and well in this competitive landscape.

Notably, the Cybertruck’s exterior transformation isn’t the only point of interest. A close inspection reveals the possibility of a frunk-less design, a feature usually associated with Tesla vehicles. Is it due to space constraints, or is it because of the enclosed bed design, rendering the need for a front trunk moot? As the Cybertruck nears mass production, we anticipate new details will emerge, intriguing enthusiasts and critics alike.

This mock-Ford vinyl wrap also comes as an amusing reminder of the Cybertruck’s tumultuous unveiling back in 2019, which resulted in a 6% dip in Tesla’s stock value. Despite such hiccups, Tesla has managed to scale to unprecedented heights, becoming the world’s most valuable car company. However, Ford retains bragging rights for being the first to mass-produce an electric truck, offering a retort to Tesla’s trolling efforts.

As the first Cybertruck unit rolls out of the Texas Gigafactory, with mass production slated for next year, this Ford F-150 disguise could be seen as a metaphor for the complex dynamic of the auto industry – a nod to tradition while pushing boldly into the future. This balance of innovation and respect for the past, coupled with friendly competition, could be what drives the sector towards sustainable transportation solutions. This seemingly innocuous vinyl wrap offers a prism through which to view these tensions and transformations in the auto industry.

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