STILRIDE 1: AI Craftsmanship Meets Humanised Origami in Sustainable E-Scooting

August 7, 2023
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Swedish design and fabrication firm, STILFOLD, has unveiled the STILRIDE 1 e-scooter, an epitome of innovative manufacturing. It elegantly melds metal into forms that evoke intricate origami designs, standing out as not just a mode of transportation, but a work of art that showcases advanced manufacturing techniques. At its core, STILFOLD employs a novel process that leverages industrial robots and AI. The outcome? Structures that are aesthetically captivating and formidable, distinguishing themselves from conventional vehicles crafted from steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber composites.

The construction of STILRIDE 1 resonates with the escalating demand for sustainable practices in the automotive sector. It boasts impressive stats: 40% reduced weight, 70% fewer components, and a 20% cost reduction. Additionally, its unpainted and adhesive-free metal frame aligns with the “cradle-to-grave” philosophy, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Equipped with a 5.1 kWh battery, it promises city commuters and casual riders an impressive range of 75 miles. Further enhancing its allure are unique design elements, such as the turn-signal-brake-lever sourced from ISR, highlighting STILFOLD’s meticulous attention to detail. Weighing in at 286 pounds, the STILRIDE 1 encases immense power within its all-metal frame. And the company’s faith in its product is evident: buyers are assured a three-year warranty. While US customers might face a slightly prolonged wait due to certification procedures, deliveries are slated to commence in the spring for EU nations.

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Though its $16,500 price tag might raise eyebrows, the meticulously engineered STILRIDE 1 presents a compelling proposition for those who value the confluence of art, tech, and eco-friendliness. With the motorcycle community traditionally skeptical about battery-powered sports bikes, the STILRIDE 1, powered by electricity, emerges as a notable exception tailored for urban landscapes. Its steel monocoque frame, a product of STILFOLD’s proprietary technology, is robotically crafted from recycled Swedish steel.

While its 8 horsepower might not sound groundbreaking, the torque of 155ft-lbs certainly stands as a game-changer for urban commutes. Adding to its suite of features is a proprietary Electric Vehicle Control Unit that syncs with the StillControl app, offering real-time data and enhanced security. As promising as STILRIDE 1 appears, potential investors should exercise prudence when considering this emerging brand. However, there’s no denying its allure, driven by its impressive specs and sustainable mobility ethos. The STILRIDE 1 is poised to make waves in the market. Its blend of innovative “industrial origami” design and sustainable practices highlight the transformative power of innovation in the transportation sector.

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