Cybertruck’s Latest Video Shows a Shrank Frunk: The Tesla Files

August 7, 2023
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Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

When Elon Musk rolled out the enigmatic Tesla Cybertruck in 2019, it left the world astonished, not just because of its avant-garde design but also for the promises it entailed. One significant area of curiosity has been the “frunk” or the front trunk, an innovative storage solution that electric vehicles, especially pickups, bring to the table. Recent leaks from Gigafactory Texas have finally offered a tangible peek into this once-mysterious feature. But does it measure up to the expectations? Let’s delve deeper.

Published footage from inside Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory showed the Cybertruck with its frunk exposed. Initial impressions? The space appears less generous than what was hinted in the prototype versions. Compared to its prominent competitor, the Ford F-150 Lightning that boasts a massive 14.1 cubic feet (400 liters) storage capacity, the Cybertruck’s frunk appears modest in size. However, such comparisons might be premature until Tesla officially announces the Cybertruck’s precise dimensions.

Although the F-150 Lightning’s frunk is reportedly capable of carrying up to 400 pounds, the real question is, how does this play out in practical scenarios? Is bigger always better? Or could the Cybertruck’s seemingly compact frunk have some unique innovations up its sleeve? Tesla’s knack for introducing disruptive features is legendary. While on the surface, a more diminutive frunk might appear as a let-down, it could very well be aligned with some strategic decision or feature that is yet to be revealed. For instance, could there be an advanced cooling or safety mechanism? Or a modular storage system? All this remains speculative until the official unveiling.

Moreover, a practical view reminds us that pickups have expansive rear beds, and the frunk is a secondary storage. The primary purpose of a frunk in an electric pickup is to provide an enclosed space for items that need protection from external elements, unlike the truck bed. However, the difference in frunk size between the Cybertruck and its rivals may raise concerns over market positioning. Is Tesla conceding an advantage here, or is it a deliberate trade-off for some other enhancement, perhaps related to performance or cabin space?

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In its initial reveal, the Cybertruck had promised a range of powertrain options, from a single-motor RWD with 250 miles range to a quad-motor AWD with a jaw-dropping 620 miles. Yet, in the ever-evolving world of Tesla, such specifications can change. It’s worth noting that the initial price and other details vanished from Tesla’s website in 2021. Are we in for a significant surprise in terms of features or cost? While leaked visuals from Gigafactory Texas have unveiled part of the Cybertruck mystery, much remains in the shadows. As enthusiasts and critics alike await the official launch, it’s essential to remember: with Tesla, expect the unexpected.

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