Rawrr eMoto’s New 72V Mantis – Power, Performance, and Innovation!

September 25, 2023
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Ride Rawrr

Irvine, California-based Rawrr eMoto, renowned for its innovative approach to lightweight electric motorcycles, has unveiled the 2024 72-Volt Rawrr Mantis. This launch marks a significant advancement in eMoto performance, with the new model building on the success of the original Mantis. It offers a 20% increase in power and torque, showcasing Rawrr’s dedication to enhancing off-road, lightweight-electric motorcycle experiences. “The increased power and torque ensure that riders can navigate rugged terrains with even more power, truly unleashing the power to rip anywhere!” states the company.

Ride Rawrr

Manufactured at an exclusive Rawrr-owned factory and overseen by experienced off-road and motocross riders, the Mantis is recognized for its leading balance, superior handling, advanced suspension, and responsive brakes. The introduction of the 72V version sets new industry benchmarks in speed and performance, reinforcing Rawrr’s leadership in the off-road category. The bike is available for purchase at $4,999 through Rawrr dealers nationwide and online at www.RideRawrr.com, offering an affordable yet technologically rich option for enthusiasts.

Ride Rawrr

Weighing just 75 kilograms, the Mantis promises increased mobility and exhilarating off-road experiences. It is coupled with a notable 75-mile range, making it ideal for extended trail rides. To validate the bike’s capabilities, Rawrr enlisted Caleb Tennant, a six-time South African Motocross Champion. “Judging from the POV footage of Tennant’s riding, it’s clear that this thing is a capable machine in the right hands,” observes the eMoto community. The rigorous testing resulted in over 20,000 kilometers ridden and 50,000 jumps executed.

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Equipped with a mid-mounted electric motor, the Rawrr Mantis delivers 10 horsepower and an impressive 35 pound-feet of torque. The bike features a unique aluminum frame, contributing to its athletic stance and a seat height of 850 millimeters, relatively tall for an electric dirt bike in this class. With 200 millimeters of suspension travel and 310 millimeters of ground clearance, the Mantis is engineered to tackle any off-road challenge. Technological advancements on the Mantis include four ride modes, smartphone connectivity, and adjustable settings accessible through a mobile app.

Ride Rawrr

The electric nature of the Rawrr Mantis addresses noise complaint issues, potentially offering a solution to the closure of off-road recreational parks near residential areas. The Mantis joins the ranks of popular electric dirt bikes like the Sur-Ron Lightbee, presenting a new player in the electric dirt bike scene. The removable 2.6-kilowatt-hour battery, weighing 15 kilograms, can be swapped out for longer sessions, adding to the bike’s versatility. Rawrr’s commitment to unmatched engineering and innovation is evident as the company continues to drive the evolution of electric motorcycles designed for off-road excellence.

Ride Rawrr

The launch of the Rawrr Mantis is indicative of the growing trend towards electric off-road bikes, which are gaining popularity for being lighter and more affordable than their gasoline-powered counterparts. The bike’s release has sparked interest and discussions among off-road enthusiasts and experts, speculating on the potential impact and future developments in the electric motorcycle industry. “The Rawrr Mantis offers a surprising amount of technology and performance, especially given its price point,” notes industry analysts. The bike’s debut has also led to comparisons with other upcoming models, such as the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 range and the BMW R 1300 GS, highlighting the competitive nature of the market.

Ride Rawrr

Rawrr eMoto’s latest offering exemplifies the company’s ongoing efforts to provide riders with electrifying experiences, combining power, handling, and cutting-edge technology. As the electric bike landscape continues to evolve, the Rawrr Mantis is poised to be a significant game-changer, setting new standards and expectations for what lightweight electric motorcycles can achieve.

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