Mercury Marine’s Avtor Electric Outboard: A Game-Changer in Boating Technology

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Mercury Marine has teased the Avtor electric outboard for over a year. The Avtor 7.5 e model was made public in January 2023 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The new fishing boat will not be made available for sale until later in the year.

The package will be a new VeerX13 compact with the Avtor 7.5 e. The Mercury will introduce Avtor electric motors, first in a series, in 2023 as the Avtor 7.5e. The Avtor 7.5 e’s distinguishing feature is its removable battery pack.

Mercury says that 750 watts of power are generated by the Avtor 7.5e, and performance equivalent to a Mercury 3.5-hp gas outboard is offered. Designed with Brunswick partner Mastercolt, the 48-volt, 1 kWh lithium battery of the Avtor 7.5 e transverse flux technology.

The hydrodynamics and propeller design of the Avtor 7.5e foster efficiency, according to Mercury. The Avtor 7.5 e is much more than just an outboard, according to Tim Reid, Mercury Marine’s VP of Product Development and Engineering. Mercury has shipped the Avtor 7.5e recently to customers.

The Avtor 7.5 E is the first of five upcoming electric outboards from Mercury. The Avtor 20e and 35e, higher-power models, will be unveiled later in the year. The design of the Avtor electric motors can easily electrify small vessels.

The new outboard Avtor 7.5E comes in 15-, 20-, and 25-inch lengths. In order to charge, the battery of the outboard must be removed. A 110-watt charger and a 230-watt charger for the Avtor 7.5e are offered by Mercury.

According to charging times, a depleted battery can be charged for 10 hours with the 130 watt charger and 4.5 hours with the 230 watt charger. The outboard display offers a lot of information, including battery level, estimated time and distance, power output, and vessel speed.

The Avtor 20e and 35e models use remote batteries. The small electric boats offer numerous benefits, such as producing zero emissions, operating quietly, and having low operating costs. Electric boats require minimum maintenance as compared to gas-powered boats.

The Veer X 13, the Avtor 7.5 e electric outboard, was unveiled alongside a new electric board model from Mercury’s sister company. Designed for light watercraft, the Avtor 7.5 e is a small-format outboard.

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