Florida’s Call to the Wild: Snag 50% Off on State Parks Passes and FWC Licenses!

October 15, 2023
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MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Snag 50% Off on State Park Passes and FWC Licenses
MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife

Join the adventure in Florida, where the air is charged due to exciting news that might especially thrill outdoor enthusiasts. Governor Ron DeSantis has rolled out the “Great Outdoors Initiative,” a spirited call to all Floridians to lace up their hiking boots, cast their fishing lines, and delve into the state’s lush and vibrant natural spaces. This isn’t just a call to explore, but a well-thought-out strategy to blend the joy of discovery with the crucial task of preserving Florida’s stunning environmental treasures and a snag discount to top it all.

Starting from October 14, 2023, and stretching out until January 13, 2024, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is offering a whopping 50% discount on Florida State Parks annual passes for both families and individuals. Simultaneously, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is slicing the prices of its annual resident Gold Sportsman license, five-year Gold Sportsman license, and Lifetime Sportsman license by half. This isn’t just a seasonal sale, folks. It’s a golden ticket to explore the wild while ensuring our adventures don’t leave a negative imprint on the natural world we so love.

Governor DeSantis, a staunch supporter of every Floridian’s right to explore, hunt, and fish, expressed, “Florida is home to some of the best state parks, waterways, and recreational lands in the country, and I encourage all Floridians to get outdoors, experience our extraordinary natural resources and enjoy our fundamental right to hunt and fish.” It’s a gentle nudge, not just to explore but to immerse ourselves in nature, respecting and preserving it for generations to come.

The initiative is more than a mere call to the wild. It’s a structured approach towards sustainable enjoyment and conservation of Florida’s environmental assets. It’s a symbiotic relationship that encourages us to enjoy the wilderness while ensuring our activities are in harmony with the ongoing conservation efforts.

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This isn’t a fleeting campaign. Earlier this year, the Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 1157, proposing an amendment to Article 1 of the Florida Constitution, guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish in Florida. This amendment will be on the 2024 General Election Ballot, ensuring that our right to explore is safeguarded in the constitutional framework.

With Florida State Parks contributing an economic benefit of over $3.6 billion last fiscal year and supporting more than 50,000 jobs, the initiative is also a strategic economic move. It ensures the sustainable development of the state while preserving its natural assets, creating a model where environmental conservation and economic development harmoniously coexist.

The outdoor recreation economy accounted for 1.9 percent ($454.0 billion) of the current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) for the nation in 2021, according to the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account. This isn’t just a local phenomenon. The impact of outdoor recreation reaches far beyond the outdoor industry, directly fueling major traditional American economic sectors and providing a viable model for other states to follow.

The Great Outdoors Initiative is a comprehensive approach that intertwines economic accessibility, constitutional rights, environmental conservation, and strategic development. It’s a future-oriented model, ensuring that the enjoyment of natural resources is not at the expense of their conservation but is aligned with it, ensuring that these resources are preserved for future generations while being accessible and enjoyable for the present.

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