ePropulsion’s X40 Unveiled: A 40kW Electric Outboard Redefining Efficient and Powerful Marine Propulsion

November 16, 2023
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Epropulsion X40 Photo Credit : Epropulsion's

ePropulsion has launched the X40 Electric Outboard, a groundbreaking development in marine propulsion technology. This new model, unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, is a significant upgrade from their previous 6 kiloWatt Navy Evo, offering a powerful and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline outboards.

The X40 boasts 40 kW of power, equivalent to a 60 HP fossil fuel outboard, yet it is 20% lighter. This impressive power-to-weight ratio is a result of ePropulsion’s commitment to innovative and efficient design.

The company has optimized over 20 key variables using a proprietary algorithm, enhancing the hydrodynamic efficiency of the X40’s propeller. This leads to smoother rides and reduced energy consumption, with an overall powertrain efficiency of 88.2%.

Incorporating frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology, the X40 operates quieter and with less vibration than traditional outboards.

A notable feature is the integration of electric steering, power trim/tilt, ECU, and motor controller into one unit, simplifying operation and saving space. The ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA) coordinates all elements of the electric propulsion, allowing for easy integration with renewable energy sources.

On a 20-foot V hull aluminum boat, the X40 can run for 4 hours at 7.8 mph, covering 30 miles. At its top speed of 22.3 mph, it offers a 1-hour runtime with a 20-mile range.

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Designed for ease of use, the X40 features intuitive controls and digital feedback. Its electric steering system eliminates hydraulic components, reducing maintenance needs. Advanced Driving Assistance Systems enhance safety and control.

The X40 is environmentally friendly, saving 5 gallons of gas and reducing CO2 emissions by 97.5 pounds per hour compared to a 60-hp internal combustion engine. It is built with a 96V electrical platform, IP67 waterproof, and has a service life of 5,000 hours.

The motor’s Connectivity Service offers real-time status and trip tracking. It is compatible with various accessories, including the ePropulsion Smart Throttle and Digital Helm.

Weighing 218 pounds, the X40 provides 40 kilowatts of continuous power. It operates at less than 73dBA, similar to an office environment’s noise level. The integrated steering and power trim/tilt simplify installation.

The ePropulsion X40 sets a new standard in the realm of electric outboard motors, offering a blend of power, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Its advanced features and performance metrics position it as a compelling alternative in the marine propulsion market.

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