Elevate Your Yachting Game: Acro’s eVTOL Takes Flight!

November 2, 2023
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Hold onto your aviator glasses! Klissarov Design, a French Riviera-based design studio, has rolled out “Acro,” an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) concept. This isn’t just another aircraft; it’s a game-changer for yacht lovers and sky explorers alike.

Eco-Friendly Flight: Acro’s electric motors are a breath of fresh air. They’re quiet and green. And with a handy “dock-in” charging point at the base, refueling is a breeze.

Acro Ultimate 3D Flight

Pilot’s Paradise: Steer with dual joysticks—no footwork needed. Plus, two screens give pilots a clear view of the skies. And for those who like a little tech magic, there’s an AI-assisted “Acro” mode.

Got Your Back: Safety first! If things get dicey, there’s an emergency parachute up top. Inside, a structural harness keeps pilots snug and safe.

Yachting’s all about the next big wave, right? With folks diving into high-tech water gadgets, Acro’s timely entry promises sky-high adventures. Klissarov Design‘s goal? Get the next-gen yacht crowd hooked on flying high.

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Acro’s propulsion is next-level, thanks to its cycloidal rotor tech. Think 360-degree thrust, top-tier stability, and moves like Jagger. Landing on yachts in tricky weather? No sweat. And forget noisy helipads; Acro’s got it covered.

Acro’s design is sleek and functional. From its 3D printed airframe to its no-helmet-needed operation, it’s all about the pilot. Expect 3D aerobatic moves, adjustable flight angles, and a range of flight modes.

Acro Ultimate 3D Flight

Acro’s not just making waves in yachting; it’s reshaping aviation. Vertical takeoffs and landings mean no more long runways. And its electric powertrain? It’s the future of clean, quiet flights.

Hop into Acro, and you’re in for a treat. Spacious interiors, panoramic views, and top-notch safety features promise a ride that’s both thrilling and secure. Klissarov Design’s commitment to safety and innovation shines through.

Acro Ultimate 3D Flight

Acro eVTOL is more than an aircraft; it’s a vision. As we soar into the future, it’s clear: innovations like Acro are setting the pace.

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