EHang’s EH216-S: World’s First Certified Passenger UAV Takes to the Skies!

October 30, 2023
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#EH216-S Type Certification process has entered into a more in-depth review phase
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EHang’s Triumph in Certification GUANGZHOU, China – EHang Holdings Limited, a forerunner in urban air mobility (UAM), proudly announced the acquisition of the type certificate (TC) for its EH216-S passenger UAV system from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This pivotal certification, most probably the first in the world, validates EH216-S’s compliance with CAAC’s rigorous safety and airworthiness criteria, marking the dawn of its commercial ventures.

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Global UAM Landscape Altered This accomplishment isn’t merely an accolade for EHang but reshapes the global UAM narrative. The EH216-S’s certification is a pioneering achievement for unmanned eVTOLs, laying a foundation for future airworthiness certifications, both domestically and abroad.

Journey to Certification: A Chronicle Securing the EH216-S TC wasn’t a walk in the park. Initiated in January 2021, the application process spanned over 1,000 days. EHang, in synergy with CAAC and its domain experts, meticulously scrutinized the UAV’s cutting-edge tech. Their unwavering dedication led to the fruition of all certification goals, highlighting EHang’s expertise in crafting state-of-the-art unmanned eVTOLs.

EHang’s EH216-S: A Technical Marvel The EH216-S stands distinct from its conventional counterparts. Its unique attributes encompass technical architecture, performance metrics, and operational modus operandi. To cater to its novel features, both CAAC and EHang amalgamated established aviation norms with a forward-thinking methodology during the certification phase.

Regulatory Innovations In a groundbreaking move in February 2022, CAAC, drawing insights from aviation maestros, rolled out the Special Conditions for the EH216-S UAV System. This avant-garde initiative sculpted a holistic regulatory blueprint for the EH216-S’s airworthiness certification, amalgamating the collective wisdom of CAAC, EHang, and UAV aficionados.


Rigorous Validation Ensures Safety The EH216-S was subjected to an exhaustive battery of tests, ranging from structural integrity to software simulations. With over 40,000 test flights, this rigorous validation affirmed the UAV’s safety, efficacy, and dependability.

EHang AAV: The Future of Commuting EHang’s AAV, an epitome of urban air mobility, is more than a transport mechanism—it’s a window into the future of city commuting. Rooted in three core principles—full backup safety design, autonomous operation, and centralized oversight via a smart command center—this UAV is primed for modern urban transit challenges.

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Technical Specifications Unveiled

  • Dimensions: Height: 1.93m, Width: 5.73m
  • Payload: Maximum takeoff weight: 620kg
  • Performance: Maximum range: 30km, Top speed: 130km/h

Innovative Flight Features Leveraging 4G/5G connectivity, EHang ensures uninterrupted communication between the UAV and the command center, offering passengers a seamless experience.


Vertical Takeoff & Landing The EHang AAV’s visual positioning negates the need for expansive infrastructures, making it apt for bustling urban settings.

Eco-Centric Propulsion EHang AAV’s electric propulsion minimizes environmental impact. A two-hour charge cycle and a real-time communication-enabled Battery Management System (BMS) further enhance its green credentials.

Safety Protocols Safety is EHang’s mantra. The AAV boasts redundant designs for critical flight components, diverse flight control systems, and an embedded Fail-Safe mechanism.


Command Center: The Operational Hub EHang’s command center is the operational linchpin, offering monitoring, dispatching, control, early-warning, and centralized management capabilities.

Quality Assurance EHang’s commitment to safety and innovation is evident in their rigorous testing protocols. Their adherence to the AS9100D International Aerospace & Aviation Quality Management System Standard speaks volumes about their quality and safety ethos.


CEO’s Vision Mr. Huazhi Hu, EHang’s CEO, conveyed his appreciation to CAAC and all stakeholders. He remarked, “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to CAAC, the expert team, and all EHang employees for their unwavering dedication. Our self-developed EH216-S passenger-carrying UAV system has finally met high expectation to secure the first TC in the global eVTOL industry, marking a significant chapter in civil aviation history. Embracing the TC as our springboard, we will launch commercial operations of the EH216-S unmanned eVTOLs, prioritizing safety above all. This will enable us to steadily progress towards our strategic goal to be a UAM platform operator, and commit to our mission to enable safe, autonomous, and eco-friendly air mobility accessible to everyone.”Final Thoughts EHang’s AAV is a harbinger of a new urban transportation epoch. As urban centers battle congestion and pollution, EHang’s AAV emerges as a sustainable, efficient panacea. The urban skies beckon a new era of mobility.

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