China’s UFO Flying Saucer Takes Flight in eVTOL Breakthrough: Captivating the Skies

July 2, 2023
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China’s foray into the eVTOL sector has taken a captivating turn with the unveiling of a flying saucer design by Shenzhen UFO Flying Saucer Technology. After three years of dedicated research and development by the researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University, this remarkable electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft recently completed its maiden test flight at an exhibition event in Shenzhen. Capturing the imagination of onlookers, the UFO-like eVTOL is reminiscent of something out of a science fiction movie, but its purpose is firmly grounded in revolutionizing air travel.

Constructed with six hole duct structures housing a total of 12 propeller blades, the eVTOL’s design prioritizes stability and safety through an equal distribution of propulsion. This unconventional approach allows for takeoff and landing on both land and water. With riders enjoying a panoramic view of their surroundings, the electric flying saucer offers a thrilling experience with a flight time of up to 15 minutes. It can reach an altitude of 200 meters and a maximum speed of 31 mph. The aircraft’s autonomous flying capabilities further enhance the convenience and enjoyment of the ride.

Initially, the electric UFO will primarily serve the purposes of sightseeing and promotional activities. Shenzhen UFO Flying Saucer Technology has secured global patents for its innovative technology. As the eVTOL sector gains momentum, numerous players from China and abroad are entering the competitive landscape. Guangzhou-based XPeng X2 recently obtained a flying permit, while international giants like Volkswagen and Toyota are making significant strides with their prototypes. Archer Aviation, Mc Clic, and Jetson are also contributing to the advancement of eVTOL technology.

This surge of activity in the eVTOL sector holds promise for developing more cost-effective, sustainable, and viable solutions for short-distance commutes. The technology’s progress is driven by the increasing investments directed toward emissions reduction and urban traffic optimization. Major automakers and aviation companies are committed to making eVTOLs a practical and mainstream mode of transportation.

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With the successful test flight of the manned flying saucer by Shenzhen UFO Flying Saucer Technology, the team’s chosen path appears to be a fruitful avenue worth exploring. The unique design, featuring six-hole ducts and 12 propeller motors, ensures triple redundancy in power supply, motor operation, and flight control. The possibility of taking off and landing on water adds an amphibious aspect to the UFO eVTOL, enabling it to serve as both an on-demand aircraft and a leisurely circular yacht.

With a focus on tourism and advertising, the eVTOL’s eye-catching design and global invention patent position it as a revolutionary aircraft. Its flight capabilities, including a maximum altitude of 200 meters and a top horizontal speed of 50 kilometers per hour, open up new horizons in aviation. The aircraft’s flexibility to switch between automatic and manual driving modes further enhances its appeal. Shenzhen UFO Technology’s achievement represents a significant milestone in the field, and as the company continues refining its technology, a future where UFO eVTOLs take to the skies in series production seems within reach.

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