Grand Canyon’s Electric Shift: EV Charging Now at America’s Iconic Stop!

November 2, 2023
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Grand Canyon's Electric Shift: EV Charging Now at America's Iconic Stop!

Ah, the Grand Canyon! Every traveler’s dream pit stop. And for those cruising in their sleek electric vehicles (EVs), there’s some electrifying relief. The park’s got your back with efficient charging stations. Whether you’re a North Rim adventurer or a South Rim explorer, or even just chilling in Tusayan, you can juice up your ride.

Zoom into Maswik Lodge, Grand Canyon Auto Services, or Yavapai Lodge in the Grand Canyon Village, and you’ll spot those shiny new chargers, ready for both J-1772 and Tesla enthusiasts. And hey, while your EV sips on some electricity, why not hop on a shuttle, take a hike, or pedal around on a rented bike? The canyon’s all yours to explore.

Big shoutout to the National Park Foundation, the NPS, and the DOE for teaming up with BMW of North America. Their goal? Planting 100 EV charging stations in and around national parks. And guess what? It all started with Thomas Edison National Historical Park back in 2017. As Woody Smeck, the Acting Park Superintendent, puts it, “We are excited to offer this service to visitors… This project supports our goals for energy conservation and clean air.”

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The electric vibe isn’t just contained within the canyon walls. Tusayan’s Grand Hotel and Williams’ Grand Canyon Railway Hotel are also in on the EV action. And if you’re wondering about the bigger picture, here’s a nugget from National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith: “The automobile has long been central to the great American vacation in national parks… electric vehicle drivers will have more places to charge the car while recharging themselves with nature and parks.”

So, fellow travelers and EV aficionados, next time you’re planning a road trip, remember the Grand Canyon’s got a spot for you and your electric buddy. It’s a blend of nature’s grandeur and modern tech, making your journey both eco-friendly and awe-inspiring. Safe travels and happy charging!

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