Eco-Friendly Vibes: Spiro’s Electric Revolution in Africa and Beyond!

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Spiro Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are sparking a green revolution in urban mobility across the globe, and Kampala, Uganda, is vibing with this eco-friendly groove! Born in 2022, Spiro has risen as Uganda’s electric motorcycle kingpin, rolling out over 140,000 units in Kampala alone – talk about making moves! Fueled by a hefty $63 million investment from Societe Generale and GuarantCo, Spiro is on the fast track, pushing boundaries and expanding horizons.

Jules Saiman, the CEO of Spiro, spilled to Electrek’s Micah Toll, “Adding at least 15,700 clean electric motorbikes, over 31,400 electric batteries, and more than 1,000 swap stations, we’re aiming to cut down greenhouse gas emissions big time!” Spiro isn’t just about bikes; they’re laying down the roots with infrastructure – think charging and battery swapping stations. Setting sights on West Africa, Spiro is spreading its wings to Benin and Togo – the journey continues!

This expansion is all about empowering the people, manufacturing 15,000 electric motorcycles, 31,000 batteries, and popping up 1,000 battery swapping stations. Saiman is all about inclusivity, ensuring that 30% of the new jobs from Spiro’s growth will be rocking with women. Meet the Commando, Spiro’s commuter champ, hitting speeds of 80 kilometers per hour and cruising for up to 75 kilometers. Then there’s the Chap Chap, your go-to for light city commuting, with a chill top speed of 65 kilometers per hour and an impressive 90-kilometer range.

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While Europe and North America are catching the electric wave, Africa is gearing up to leap ahead with plans to turn millions of motorcycles green. In Africa, motorcycles, especially the boda bodas, are the heartbeat of transportation, weaving through bustling cities and rugged landscapes. It’s a collective vibe – governmental programs and local e-motorcycle companies are joining forces to electrify millions of traditional motorcycles.

Mark your calendars for Pitch Friday on September 8, 2023 – Uche Ukonu is dropping gems on bootstrapping a startup! Hosted at Zone Tech Park, Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria, this event is a treasure trove of startup wisdom – and it’s on the house! Fresh off the press, the Kenyan government and Spiro are teaming up to roll out electric bikes across the nation.

Since its 2019 debut by Jules Samain, Spiro has crafted nearly 10,000 electric bikes and is vibing in countries like Benin, Togo, Rwanda, and Uganda. “With our batteries and Kenya’s local energy, we’re cutting the cord on fossil fuels, propelling Kenya towards energy independence,” Samain highlighted. Spiro’s fleet has been cruising green, avoiding over 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through 90 million km of eco-friendly journeys.

With about 350 battery stations across Africa, Spiro and Kenya are plotting to add 3,000 more – it’s all about growth! This partnership hit the scene right after Uber dropped its 80-kilometre-range electric motorbike, One Electric, in Kenya. Spiro is laying down roots in Kenya, creating a sea of job opportunities and building charging stations.

The launch of standing orders and Spiro’s partnership are shining a light on the tech advancements and sustainable moves being embraced in the region – Africa is on the rise!

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