The Electric Motorcycle Journey that Set Records in India: Ultraviolette’s F77!

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Ultraviolette EV

Indian electric motorbike manufacturer Ultraviolette is revolutionizing e-mobility by fusing traditional design with advanced technology. Their flagship electric motorcycle, the F77, has recently made history by setting a new record. Despite being new to the EV market, Ultraviolette’s accomplishments demonstrate significant potential. The story of Ultraviolette is an inspiration for many startups. Their vision and execution have led them to become a record-holder in the electric motorcycle market.

Manikandan’s Historic Journey

Baala Manikandan, an early adopter of the F77, embarked on an ambitious journey on his electric motorcycle. He covered a remarkable distance of 4,204 miles (6,727 kilometres) over 22 days. The expedition began in Chennai and ended in Bengaluru, covering 14 states in India. Manikandan’s daily average distance covered was an impressive 191 miles (305 kilometres). On May 21, 2023, Manikandan embarked on an adventure that was full of obstacles. He faced challenging terrains and varying weather conditions, with temperatures reaching as high as 113ºF (45º Celsius) and dropping to as low as 5ºF (-15º Celsius). However, Manikandan was able to complete his journey on June 12, 2023.

The F77’s Features and Achievements

Manikandan often used the F77’s Combat Mode during his adventure. The F77 has three power modes: Glide, Combat, and Ballistic. Ultraviolette reports that Manikandan’s journey saved around 71 gallons (270 liters) of fuel and he only spent less than $5 USD (Rs 400) on charging the electric motorcycle. The Ultraviolette F77 is an incredibly innovative electric motorcycle that has captured the attention of many in India. It comes equipped with a powerful mid-mounted electric motor, allowing it to reach impressive speeds of up to 95 miles per hour (152 kilometers per hour). The company boasts a real-world range of 192 miles (307 kilometers) on a single charge. Ultraviolette, the company behind the bike, is so confident in its quality that they offer an eight-year warranty. Not only is the F77 a capable machine, but it’s also an eco-friendly option that helps reduce carbon emissions. Manikandan prevented the emission of 645 kg of CO2 by choosing the F77 over a petrol bike.

The Ultraviolette F77 boasts several advanced features, including a 5-inch TFT instrument cluster with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, all LED lighting, ride analytics, 9-axis IMU, and dual-channel ABS. This bike also delivers exceptional performance, with a top speed of 152 km/h and an acceleration time of just 2.9 seconds from 0-60 km/h. Additionally, the Ultraviolette F77 can travel an impressive 307 km on a single charge. With prices starting at Rs 3.8 lakh (ex-showroom, India), the Ultraviolette F77 range also offers up to 8 years/1,00,000 km warranty.

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Challenging Traditional Perceptions

Ultraviolette’s F77 electric motorcycle challenges traditional perceptions of EV limitations in India. Manikandan’s expedition demonstrates the F77’s 55 kg payload capabilities. The F77 has set a new record, which could encourage more electric motorcycle enthusiasts to attempt new feats. As electric vehicles become more popular, such accomplishments will have a significant impact on public opinion. The success of the F77 may motivate other manufacturers to create innovative products and challenge existing norms.

Looking Forward

The F77’s achievement of breaking a record is only the start of Ultraviolette’s promising journey in the realm of electric mobility. This paves the way for a brighter future for electric motorcycles in India. As more riders share their experiences, the misconceptions surrounding electric bikes will gradually diminish. The F77 motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation. It represents a statement that electric power is the way of the future. As we look forward to what Ultraviolette has in store, one can’t help but wonder what other records the F77 will break next. And as the story of electric mobility continues to unfold, the F77’s journey will undoubtedly be remembered as a significant chapter.

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