Deer Valley Resort’s Massive Expansion: What Skiers Need to Know!

September 7, 2023
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Deer Valley Resort's Massive Expansion
Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort has inked a deal with Extell Development, marking an expansion into the land previously known as the Mayflower Resort. This expansion could introduce a new base, 16 lifts, and 135 runs, nearly tripling the resort’s skiable terrain. However, in line with Deer Valley’s longstanding tradition, snowboards will remain prohibited. Only three ski areas in North America maintain a ski-only policy, with Deer Valley and Alta Ski Area in Utah, and Vermont’s Mad River Glen.

Todd Bennett, the resort’s president and COO, reaffirmed their commitment to the ski-only legacy. Snowboarding, which gained traction in the early ’80s, now accounts for about 40% of all lift users, as per the Snowsports Industry Association. Despite the sport’s popularity, Deer Valley has remained steadfast in its vision of offering a luxury experience exclusively for skiers. The resort’s founders, Edgar and Polly Stern, envisioned a high-end ski haven, introducing unique amenities like ski valets and chairlift footrests. Deer Valley’s clientele appreciates the absence of snowboarders, valuing the resort’s attentive service and world-class dining.

In 2023, Ski Magazine’s survey ranked Deer Valley as the third-best resort in the U.S., with many praising its ski-only policy. Unlike Alta, Deer Valley is entirely on private property, which has shielded it from legal challenges over its ski-only stance. The expansion into the Mayflower property might bring a slight change, as around 130 of the 4,100 skiable acres are overseen by the Bureau of Land Management. Extell’s VP of development, Brooke Hontz, mentioned plans to purchase this land before the 2025-26 expansion launch.

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Bennett hinted that while the ski-only policy remains, the expansion will feature more of their award-winning ski school. The upcoming expansion will make Deer Valley one of North America’s largest ski resorts, boasting 5,726 acres of skiable terrain. The New Village and Portal, previously the Mayflower Mountain Resort project, will offer additional access, lodging, dining, and retail amenities. Deer Valley’s commitment to exceptional guest experiences remains at the forefront of their expansion decisions. The resort’s expanded terrain is set to debut in the 2025/2026 ski season. For those eager to keep tabs on the expansion’s progress, Deer Valley’s Expanded Excellence website will provide regular updates.

In a gesture to the local community, Deer Valley’s Silver Lake Express chairlift will be free to the public on weekends in September, excluding mountain bikers and dogs. The Silver Lake Express offers breathtaking views and access to hiking trails like Ontario, Silver Lake, and the Sultan Out-and-Back. Free lift rides at Deer Valley will conclude on September 24.

Beyond skiing, Deer Valley is also enhancing its mountain biking offerings, revealing a new jump line named ‘Regulator’. The trail, crafted by Whistler Bike Park trail builders, is a part of the resort’s broader bike park expansion. Deer Valley joins other Utah resorts like Solitude, Brighton, and Park City in introducing new mountain biking trails this summer. With these investments, Salt Lake City, already a hub for winter sports, might soon become a hotspot for mountain biking enthusiasts.

As Deer Valley evolves, it remains committed to its roots, ensuring that both old and new guests experience the luxury and exclusivity it’s celebrated for.

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