Decoding the Ark Zero: The Affordable Electric Microcar Set to Redefine Urban Commuting

June 27, 2023
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Ark, an upcoming British start-up, introduces Ark Zero, a new electric microcar. Set to debut later this year, the e-car will be launched at surprisingly affordable prices. A classified quadricycle in Europe, the Ark Zero has a seating arrangement for two adults and a furry friend, making it perfect for a trip with your pet. Resembling a tandem setup, the seats are placed one behind the other, very similar to a fighter pilot’s cockpit. The Ark Zero is designed to meet the lower-performance L6e category of quadricycles. The vehicle has a moderate speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) powered with a 2.2 kW (3 horsepower) electric motor. The rear axle-mounted electric motor is similar to those found in Chinese microcars.

The UK’s most affordable electric vehicle, the Ark Zero, gives strong competition to cars like the Citroen Ami, as it has an upper hand with lower prices. The UK’s first all-electric car company, Ark, aims to drive the country toward cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions. It’s compact; with 98.4 x 47.3 x 64 inches of dimensions and a 67.7-inch wheelbase, it is slightly shorter than its competitor, the Ami. The chassis of the car is made out of aluminum; its monocoque construction ensures rigidity and safety. The aluminum’s energy-absorbing properties make Ark Zero more equipped to withstand crashes. The light and corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum give the vehicle more advantages. The net weight of the car is 489 kg, and it can accommodate two people and a pet. Vehicles are available in black, white, gray, and red colors.

The car has a range of 50.3 miles (81 km) per charge and is designed to maneuver through tight city streets. The microcar aims to give a lavish experience, offering features like keyless start-up, electric windows, hill hold assist, a sunroof, and an electric heater, although an air conditioner is unavailable. The aluminum monocoque body and MacPherson strut suspension give Ark Zero a sophisticated automotive style. The car stands out for its eye-catching price of just £5,995 (approximately US $7,600). The company claims the product is imminent, with its website promising delivery within 14 to 16 weeks upon ordering.

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The concern arises regarding the feasibility of producing and selling it at such low prices. Most quadricycles cost more due to low-volume production. For example, the Citroen Ami, with a 70% higher starting price, boasts three times the motor power of the Ark Zero. There is an absence of actual images of the car, relying solely on computer renderings, despite deliveries starting in less than four months. The vehicle’s name raises a question, as there is a pre-existing European microcar named Zero. Further doubts are introduced as the claimed 50-mile range was calculated using a motorcycle. Something seems fishy with the claims made about the Ark Zero electric microcar. The feasibility of the product and selling it at the advertised price, along with other inconsistencies, is cautious. It would be wise to wait for more concrete evidence and customer reviews before concluding the product’s affordability, performance, and availability.

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