China’s iSpace Successfully Tests SQX-2Y Rocket for Reusable Space Travel

December 13, 2023
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China's iSpace SQX-2Y rocket
China's iSpace SQX-2Y rocket

On December 10, 2023, a remarkable feat in the realm of aerospace was achieved. Beijing-based Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed its second flight test of the SQX-2Y reusable liquid oxygen-methane rocket. This event marks a pivotal milestone in China’s aerospace history, showcasing the nation’s burgeoning expertise in reusable rocket technology.

SQX-2Y rocket

The SQX-2Y rocket, having first completed its maiden vertical takeoff and landing flight test on November 2, 2023, represents a significant leap in the field of aerospace. This recent flight test saw the rocket reach a height of 343.12 meters, lasting for 63.15 seconds, and achieving a lateral displacement of 50 meters. Notably, the precision of its landing was remarkable, with a landing accuracy of approximately 0.295 meters and a descent speed of 1.1 m/s.

SQX-2Y rocket

A critical aspect of this mission was the rapid reuse capability of the JD-1 liquid oxygen-methane engine used in the rocket. This technology not only underscores the potential of liquid oxygen-methane as a cost-effective and maintenance-friendly propellant but also highlights the advancements made in vertical recovery, aerodynamic, and thermal interference management.

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The success of SQX-2Y has broader implications, signaling a shift in global aerospace dynamics. It demonstrates China’s growing prowess in space technology, particularly in developing reusable rockets. This advancement is not just a technical achievement but also a testament to China’s commitment to sustainable and cost-effective space exploration.

SQX-2Y rocket

Experts from various fields have lauded this achievement. The project’s rapid turnaround, innovative adaptive control technology, and intelligent health monitoring systems represent a fusion of cutting-edge engineering, robust management, and visionary leadership. Such interdisciplinary collaborations are reshaping the landscape of aerospace technology.

Behind this technological marvel lies the human spirit of perseverance and ingenuity. The team at Interstellar Glory, through their relentless efforts and unwavering dedication, have not only achieved a technical milestone but have also inspired a generation of scientists and engineers.

SQX-2Y rocket

The SQX-2Y’s performance metrics are a testament to the meticulous engineering behind it. The rocket’s adaptive control technology, which enables online mission restructuring, is a groundbreaking feature that enhances the rocket’s economic efficiency. Furthermore, the use of an intelligent health monitoring system for rapid reuse inspection is a remarkable innovation, ensuring the rocket’s readiness for subsequent missions.

This achievement paves the way for future innovations in the field of reusable rockets. With its potential for high-frequency flights and low maintenance requirements, the SQX-2Y model could revolutionize how we approach space missions, making them more sustainable and frequent.

The successful test of the SQX-2Y reusable rocket by Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd. is not just a milestone for Chinese aerospace but a significant leap forward for global space exploration. It is a striking example of technological prowess, collaborative effort, and visionary foresight, heralding a new era in sustainable space travel.

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