Inceptio Delivers Record Number of Autonomous Trucks to Yunyi Transport

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Inceptio Makes Largest Ever Delivery of Autonomous Heavy-Duty Trucks

The article you referred to describes a significant event in the autonomous vehicle industry, where Inceptio Technology, a leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks in China, made a record-setting delivery of autonomous heavy-duty trucks to Yunyi Transport, an international express logistics company. This delivery of 63 trucks is the first batch of a total order of 300 vehicles. The trucks, known as “Tianlong” models, were co-developed by Inceptio and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and come pre-installed with Inceptio’s full-stack autonomous driving system.

This system includes hardware such as lidar, millimeter-wave radar, high-definition cameras, and an autonomous driving control unit, as well as software powered by Inceptio’s algorithms tailored to heavy-duty truck operation. These technologies enable precise perception and control abilities, along with improved fuel efficiency. To date, trucks utilizing Inceptio’s Truck Navigate-on-Autopilot (T-NOA) functionality have completed 60 million kilometers of accident-free commercial operations, demonstrating significant cost savings in labor and fuel for logistics companies.

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Yunyi Transport, the recipient of this delivery, is a major provider of express logistics services in China and Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. The company plans to deploy these new autonomous trucks across its nationwide line-haul network in China.

Inceptio’s founder and CEO Julian Ma highlighted the delivery as a key milestone in the large-scale commercial adoption of their autonomous driving technology. He emphasized the growing recognition among leading express logistics companies of the benefits of autonomous driving. These benefits include cost savings, improved efficiency, and safe operations. Ma also mentioned the potential of Inceptio’s expanding data operations to further enhance their algorithms and the prospect of international expansion in cooperation with industry partners.

This development represents a major step in the large-scale commercialization of autonomous trucks in China, signifying the growing adoption and trust in autonomous vehicle technologies in the logistics sector​​.

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