Art From Waste On The Beach, Daily Art After Cleanup By Dagmar Huserich

June 5, 2022
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Newspaper, Glass bottles, plastic bags, and other waste that would end up filling landfills or floating in the sea sometimes end up in the hands of some artists. They are put in use and turned into a form of sustainable art that highlights the degradation of the planet and surprises with its originality. The possibilities stretch as far as the imagination. Many artists believe in creating art by recycling items, or by using waste, or modifying them instead of using new items which can be a waste later. 

Dagmar Huserich is one of those amazing artists who has been creating beautiful artistic nature elements by modifying or reusing items. According to her, she wants to create art from the waste which leaves the land dirty and poses a threat. Dagmar wants to make it clean by reusing them. She has portrayed her talent through her 882 posts on her Instagram account “rheine_freude_749”. This grabbed the attention of many users which led to 2,186 followers of her on social media. She has presented her art through her different social media accounts @plasticfisherman_germany & @rheinekilometer. She has a website consisting with all the art and the significance of the environmental movement.

Inspired by the #plasticfishing movement, Dagmar began by contributing her efforts to the cause. She has consistently created the art of plastic fish. She uses her imagination and waste from cleanup drives to create them. Dagmar used waste like plastic bottles, waste cardboards, cola canes, newspapers, recyclable plates, bottle caps, waste straws, plastic bags, and many more. She uses the daily collection of all her art and also spreads the message to her followers to do the same. She wants to make sure that the garbage won’t disturb the oceans and seas which can harm the lives of many aquatic animals. This is an environment-friendly way of creating art. Also, for the same, she has received a document from the office of the environment and consumer protection. “The daily collection of all of you together of kilos of garbage does not cross the Rhine bank annually into the seas and oceans. Alone – but together – we move a lot! *We are fishing for plastic, not for compliments! * She is an inspiration for youth artists and also encourages many to save the environment by creating art.

Shrinanda Kothari

Shrinanda Kothari
A Mass Media student at Mumbai university. A Journalism intern at Karmactive. Her interests are writing, reporting, anchoring. Her hobbies, cooking and baking, listening music, travelling.

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