Who Would Have Thought Plastic Can Be Upcycled Into Such Artistic Pieces – Tess Felix

Tess Felix is a contemporary artist based in the U.S. She creates Mosaic Portraits with ocean plastic debris. Tess wants people to see for themselves the perils faced by our world and humanity.

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Through her work she tries to explore serious issues with imagination and oftentimes even humor. Her work is divided into various categories. But she has extensively created portraits about Eco Heroes.

Source – Tess Felix

In the Eco (Ocean) Heroes Series, Felix has taken some great people from the marine field, such as, Christian Slater, Eva Holman, Jack Johnson, Beth Terry, Stiv Wilson, Sylvia Earl, Gilles and more. She made these mosaic portraits through ocean plastic debris.

She aims to raise awareness about the amount of plastic and garbage that goes into the ocean, so that people consciously decide to dispose of the waste properly.

Source – Tess Felix

Tess, is a new wave of artists who just don’t present art but make a difference by bringing some light on the current socio-ecological issues.

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