US Air Force’s $235M Bet on a Revolutionary Jet Design!

August 26, 2023
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JetZero revolutionary design

The US Air Force has allocated an impressive $235 million to assist the start-up, JetZero, in its ambitious endeavor to construct a jet with a blended-wing body. The shared vision of JetZero and the Air Force is to elevate a full-size demonstrator plane to the skies by the year 2027. Unlike conventional aircraft, blended-wing planes seamlessly integrate the body and wings, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag. JetZero suggests that revolutionary designs are imperative, especially as traditional planes are nearing the limits of fuel efficiency enhancements.

This groundbreaking project witnesses collaboration from the Air Force, the Pentagon’s Defence Innovation Unit, NASA, and the esteemed defence contractor, Northup Grumman. In the past, Boeing delved into blended-wing designs with its X-48, while Lockheed Martin ventured into testing a Hybrid Wing Body design. The Air Force states that recent advances in materials and manufacturing techniques now pave the way for the creation of large-scale blended-wing prototypes. JetZero’s pioneering blended-wing design holds the potential to revolutionize future military tankers, cargo planes, and even commercial airliners.

Tom O’Leary, the CEO of JetZero, underscored the commercial industry’s growing appetite for more fuel-efficient solutions. However, O’Leary candidly acknowledges that the generous grant from the Air Force won’t entirely fund the total costs of a full-scale prototype. JetZero’s blended wing-body aircraft, named the X-BwB-1, is eagerly anticipated to make its inaugural flight in 2027. The avant-garde design of a blended-wing jet ingeniously merges the wing and fuselage, optimizing fuel efficiency and range. O’Leary boasts that their jet promises a staggering 50% reduction in fuel consumption, offering unparalleled efficiency.

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Frank Kendall, the Air Force Secretary, accentuated the strategic significance of this technological leap, especially when considering formidable competitors like China. With an aim to surpass China’s advanced long-range weaponry, the X-BwB-1 aligns perfectly with the Air Force’s “Agile Combat Employment” strategy. Assistant Secretary Ravi opined that with the advent of blended-wing technology, “Operational energy will be the margin of victory in the Indo-Pacific.”

Scaled Composites and Noerthrop Grumman proudly stand as JetZero’s partners in the construction and testing of the demonstrator aircraft. To ensure the blended-wing jet integrates flawlessly into commercial fleets, engines from Pratt & Whitney will be employed. Cirium, a renowned aviation analytics firm, projects that the global airline fleet will nearly double by 2041, underscoring the pressing need for eco-friendly solutions.

The commercial jetliner iteration of JetZero aims to bridge the gap between single-aisle jets and wide-bodied aircraft. This jetliner is poised to cater to an underserviced mid-market segment, designed meticulously to operate within existing airport infrastructures. O’Leary confidently asserts that their novel airframe addresses both the pressing climate challenge and market demands. Moreover, the jetliner is future-ready, designed to transition to zero-emission propulsion systems like hydrogen fuel cells when they become available. JetZero’s trailblazing approach marks a monumental leap in aviation design and sustainability. With the blended-wing initiative at the forefront, the future of aviation is set for remarkable environmental and operational advancements.

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