Chitrakoot’s Sky Bridge: Bow, Arrow, and a Divine Walk Above Nature!

August 26, 2023
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Chitrakoot Glass Sky Walk
Chitrakoot Glass Sky Walk

Chitrakoot is on the brink of a transformative journey with the construction of Uttar Pradesh’s inaugural Glass Sky Walk Bridge. Set above the mesmerizing Tulsi Waterfall, also celebrated as the Shabri Waterfall, this bridge offers an unparalleled aerial view. The design of the Sky Walk is inspired by Lord Ram’s bow and arrow, infusing a divine touch to its architecture.

This initiative is a part of the Yogi Adityanath government’s vision to rejuvenate various tourist spots across the state. The upcoming inauguration of the refurbished Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Complex in Ayodhya in January 2024 adds to the region’s significance. The surrounding expanse of the Tulsi Waterfall will soon be christened ‘Kodand Van’, a tribute to Lord Ram’s legendary bow.

Beyond just a bridge, ‘Kodand Van’ aims to offer a comprehensive experience for its visitors. As travelers tread on the transparent Glass Sky Walk, they’ll be treated to a harmonious blend of nature’s grandeur and architectural elegance. The area’s development plan includes attractions that accentuate the natural beauty of Chitrakoot. A meticulously crafted rock garden will mirror the area’s rugged terrain, enchanting visitors with its artistry. A strategically placed restaurant promises a gastronomic journey, allowing guests to relish local delicacies amidst tranquil vistas. Highlighting the region’s rich biodiversity, a herbal plant park will also emphasize the significance of traditional medicine.

Glass skywalks, though scarce in India, are gaining traction with notable ones in Rajgir, Bihar, and Sikkim. The Yogi Adityanath government is keen on converting religious sites into cultural tourism hubs, with the Chitrakoot Sky Walk exemplifying this ambition. Chitrakoot’s roots run deep in the Hindu epic Ramayana, marking it as a place of profound religious and historical importance. It was in Chitrakoot that Lord Rama, persuaded by Bharata, contemplated returning to Ayodhya. The region also witnessed Lord Rama performing the last rites for his father, Dasharatha, amidst a divine gathering.

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The forests of Chitrakoot resonate with tales of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana seeking solace during their 14-year exile. Their time here was a precursor to their subsequent journey into the Dandakaranya forests to the south. The Glass Sky Walk Bridge is more than just an attraction; it’s a symbol of Uttar Pradesh’s dedication to creating memorable experiences. This endeavor seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, showcasing the harmony between nature and human creativity. The bridge is not just about the thrill of walking on air but also about appreciating the intricate balance of nature and architecture. As Chitrakoot prepares for this monumental change, the anticipation among locals and tourists alike is palpable. The project promises to be a beacon of sustainable tourism, ensuring that nature’s sanctity is preserved while offering a modern experience. With its rich history and upcoming innovations, Chitrakoot is set to redefine experiential travel in India. As the dawn of this new era approaches, Chitrakoot stands as a testament to the fusion of past legacies and future visions. Every step on the Glass Sky Walk will be a step into a realm where history, spirituality, and innovation converge.

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