Indian Eco-Friendly Fashion Label Not Compromising On Style – ‘Doodlage’ 

October 15, 2022
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At the heights of waste production and more significant carbon emission, it is important for any organization to look after the climate, and the Indian company Doodlage does the job with perfection. Doodlage creates unique styles with 100% reusable and recycled materials to put less pressure on the climate. They have been upgrading garment materials in their upcycling factory to turn them into limited edition collections which neither lack the wow factor or the sleek sexy look. 

The fashion industry’s manufacturing process has been impacting the environment & ecology for a prolonged period. Fast fashion has been facilitating overconsumption and preparation of bulk indispensable garments. The newer polymer based synthetic fabrics are non-degradable and also generate microfibres which are equivalent to microplastic. The fashion industry’s overproduction is resulting in a greater number of carbon emissions, waste generation and landfills. This is the reason for settling towards a more sustainable way of living and some organisations have pledged to care more for the environment at the same time while providing you with a unique style.

In the 90s people used to own fewer clothes but that would last for years. However, in recent times closets will have more clothing materials which will eventually end up in the dumping grounds or landfills without being worn off. Global estimates say that almost 13 million tons of textile waste are being produced each year among which an average consumer would generate 31.75 kg of clothing waste annually. According to the 2020 Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report, global fiber production has doubled in the last 20 years leading to a high of 111 million metric tons in 2019 and it has been estimated to reach 146 million metric tons by 2030.

However, not all fibers end up in the garment industry; at least 47% of its fiber is used in the fashion industry chain and the worst part is not everything is recyclable. Such as waste generated from the knit yarn can be recycled efficiently while fine shirting fibers can not be reused. According to the Global Recycling Standard, almost 25% of the textile waste generated by the fashion industry goes through pre-treatment before being reused as wearable products. Almost 25% of the garment waste can be recycled efficiently. 

Doodlage factories are equipped to generate new fabrics from recycled materials via segregation and cutting. They have indulged in ethical production units to create long-lasting garments and plastic-free accessories. Once the raw materials are collected the Doodlage designers first fix the fabric and then use it in stylized products.

Doodlage designs are mostly inspired by the process of doodling, a creative process used by many to scribble down their ideas and some use it for the purpose of solving problems. Doodlage designers combine both available resources and the skills of upcycling to create some outspoken fashion. 

Upcycling and recycling are both the most laborious processes that any Doodlage garment goes through. In the Doodlage factory, fibers are collected at a subsidized rate, and then it goes through the process of sorting. Not all fibers can be saved, however, Doodlage factories try to save each and every fiber to reduce waste generation. The sorted fibers are then processed via paneling, patching, embroidering, and lastly design by Doodlage specialists. All the harmful toxic waste from the fabrics is removed effectively in the process.

However, the process of creating recycled materials can be tedious but it is great for our Earth. Specialists from Doodlage say, “It is tedious but great for the environment as it reduces extra pressure on our resources to make fresh material and reduces fabric waste in our landfills which sit there to release more harmful gasses back into our environment.”

Doodlage fabrics are also free of any artificial chemicals or excess water in their manufacturing stage. They work on both power loom and handloom-based recycled fabrics. Doodlage also offers custom-made products as per customers’ requirements. It is primarily a Delhi-based company that provides both national and international shipping services. 

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