American Students Can Now Avail Student Loan Forgiveness – Where To Apply

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Under the leadership of Joe Biden, the US govt. has finally began the student loan waiver process through a beta platform. For now the official website will allow students to sign up for the formal process of student loan forgiveness. 

Biden had raised the hopes of student loan forgiveness when he announced his decision to waiver $10,000 – $20,000 for eligible youth.

However, six Republican-run states stand against the loan waiver and have taken the judicial route to stop the waiver process. That means a court order can very well put brakes to the student loan forgiveness program. 

Find precise information about the student loan waiver process, eligibility & more from the official source to avoid any confusions or misinformation. More you know, the better you can tackle your student loan.

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American Students Can Now Avail Student Loan Forgiveness