Tesla’s Berlin Buzz: From Buses to Trains, What’s the Green Deal?

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Tesla's Berlin Buzz: From Buses to Trains, What's the Green Deal?
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Berlin, Germany – Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory is revving up its transportation game! Moving past the old-school bus vibe, they’re rolling out a snazzy train shuttle to link the city of Erkner and the Gigafactory. It’s Tesla’s way of ensuring smooth rides and eco-friendly commutes for its crew and the locals.

All Aboard the Tesla Express!

Kicking off on September 4, this train’s set to be the talk of the town, making about 60 trips from Monday to Friday. “We’re zooming over 1,500 folks straight to our hub with each journey,” Tesla shared with enthusiasm. There were a few pit stops before this launch, but now, it’s pedal to the metal!

Gigafactory Gears Up

Since the Model Y production started in March 2022, the Berlin Gigafactory’s been in the fast lane, cruising to 5,000 units weekly by March 2023. With a powerhouse team of around 11,000, this place is more than just machines; it’s passion and drive.

A Quirky Twist on the Tracks

Hold onto your hats: the train’s not electric! It’s a diesel-driven Bombardier Talent. Given Tesla’s electric ethos, this raised a few eyebrows. But remember, while Tesla’s got the tracks, the train’s run by the NEB team. And knowing Elon, there might be an electric surprise down the line.

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Tesla Joins the Tech Train Club

Tesla’s not alone in this train trend. Giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have been using train shuttles for years, shuttling thousands daily between their campuses. Salesforce, LinkedIn, eBay, and PayPal have also hopped on board. It’s not just about going green; it’s about employee vibes, productivity, and making commutes a breeze.

On the Horizon

In the auto world’s grand prix, Tesla’s train service isn’t just about transportation—it’s a statement. It’s Tesla’s nod to sustainability, reducing city jams, and embracing the future. As the Gigafactory gears shift and innovations roll out, all eyes are on this electrifying journey. So, strap in, because with Tesla, the ride’s always thrilling!

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