SolarStratos Aims for Altitude Record in Solar-Powered Aviation Breakthrough with solar-electric aircraft

December 19, 2023
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solar-electric aircraft
solar-electric aircraft. Photo Source: SolarStratos

SolarStratos, a pioneering solar aviation project, is making waves in sustainable aerospace. At its heart is the HB-SXA, a manned solar-electric aircraft, poised to set an altitude record, symbolizing the feasibility and potential of solar-powered flight. This endeavor is not just about breaking records; it’s about advocating for solar energy as a vital component in combating climate change.

2023 brought new temperature records, highlighting the urgency for low-carbon solutions. SolarStratos is responding with HB-SXA’s planned record-setting flight, demonstrating the practicality of solar energy in aviation.

Key technical advancements in 2023 include the integration of a new telemetry system using UHF waves for better range (estimated up to 20km), enhancing HB-SXA’s communication capabilities. The solar-electric aircraft now features a more precise system, capable of streaming footage from two onboard Go-Pro cameras. New antenna and electronics for communication management have been added, with tests for these features eagerly anticipated by the team.

A notable change to the HB-SXA is its redesigned front. Accommodating eight batteries for the upcoming altitude record necessitated a larger air intake, resulting in a ‘fish-mouth’ shaped opening at the front, giving the aircraft a new, friendlier appearance.

SolarStratos’ commitment extends beyond aviation. The team, led by CEO Roland Loos and pilot-founder Raphaël Domjan, inaugurated a vocational training center for solar installers in Mboro, Senegal, emphasizing their dedication to global solar energy advocacy.

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In Monaco, Raphaël Domjan highlighted the future of solar-powered aviation at the World Connect by APG event. The backing of Prince Albert II of Monaco and coverage by Monaco Matin and Nice Matin underscored the project’s significance.

The project also made a significant impression at the International Paris Air Show, drawing attention from industry leaders and the media. It showcased SolarStratos’ mission to the aviation giants, demonstrating electric power’s potential in a low-carbon future for aviation.

SolarStratos’ journey is not just about technological feats. It’s a message stressing for a better future, advocating for a shift towards renewable energy sources. As climate change accelerates, projects like SolarStratos are not only innovative but necessary, showing the world that sustainable solutions can propel us towards a brighter, cleaner future.

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