AISEG – World’s First Electromagnetic Generator Launched at COP28: A New Energy Chapter?

December 19, 2023
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AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG), a breakthrough innovation for zero-fuel, zero-emission power generation, unveiled at COP28
AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG), a breakthrough innovation for zero-fuel, zero-emission power generation, unveiled at COP28. Photo Source: Global Solution

COP28 witnessed the unveiling of a game-changing energy innovation: the AI Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG). Jointly launched by South Korea’s SEMP Group and Abu Dhabi’s Global Solutions for Project Management, AISEG brings a new dimension to zero-emission, zero-fuel power generation.

At its core, AISEG operates on electromagnetic principles, utilizing circular winding to establish stable magnetic fields. The application of AI logic signals ensures a consistent output frequency. The technology is grounded in the Theory of Bandwagoning, Biot-Savart’s Law, and Faraday’s Law, with a Super Magnet as its cornerstone.

AISEG’s versatility extends to automotives, aerospace, industries, and household applications. This plug-and-play model stands out for its lack of rotating parts, absence of carbon or heat emissions, self-powering capability, and high efficiency. Its compact design and long lifespan make it an ideal candidate for various sectors.

Electromagnetic Generator AISEG is a significant stride towards achieving Net Zero emissions. As Zakeya Alameri, CEO of Global Solutions for Project Management, articulates, “The AISEG technology serves as a solution to meet the fast-growing demand for power without fuel or emissions.” This technology aligns with COP28’s mission to curb global emissions and foster a responsible energy transition.

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Boasting over 70 patents across 60 countries, AISEG demonstrates the strength of international collaboration in clean energy innovation. Woohee Choi, CEO of SEMP Research Institute, emphasizes this collaboration: “We are honoured to showcase our invention… at COP28, where the world is seeking solutions to accelerate the journey to Net Zero emissions.”

Initiated in 2015, AISEG’s journey from concept to commercial application is marked by continuous research and development, culminating in its international standardization. Its presence at COP28 is not just about showcasing technology but also about inspiring collective action for sustainable energy solutions.

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