ZEEKR Unveils Next-Gen LFP Batteries Enabling 500 km Charge in Just 15 Minutes

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Introducing ZEEKR’s new LFP EV batteries that support ultra-fast charging and high energy density
Introducing ZEEKR’s new LFP EV batteries that support ultra-fast charging and high energy density. Photo Source: ZEEKR

In an electrifying update from Quzhou, ZEEKR, a trailblazer in electric mobility, has rolled out its latest innovation: a (lithium-iron phosphate) LFP Batteries cell and pack. This isn’t just any battery; it’s a marvel of engineering, capable of ultra-fast charging. Picture a scenario where an EV juices up 500 kilometers worth of range in a mere 15 minutes. That’s what ZEEKR’s new tech promises, outshining its peers even in winter’s low temperatures.

Historically, LFP batteries were the underdogs in energy density when pitted against nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries. ZEEKR’s team, however, turned the tables with a meticulously designed battery pack, achieving an impressive 83.7% volume utilization rate. This feat puts them ahead of many global competitors.

Safety isn’t sidelined in this pursuit of power. The battery packs have aced six stringent safety tests, including the nerve-wracking nail penetration assessment.

The first beneficiary of this technology? The ZEEKR 007 sedan, with deliveries set to start in January 2024. But that’s just the beginning; more models are waiting in the wings.

ZEEKR’s ambition doesn’t end with the batteries. They’re rapidly building a network of ultra-fast charging stations. As of November, they’ve established 401 stations in China, armed with over 2,200 charging piles, each boasting 360 kilowatts of power. By 2024, this network will mushroom to 1,000 stations, and by 2026, they’re eyeing over 10,000 charging piles.

Since its inception in 2021, ZEEKR has delivered over 180,000 vehicles, including the ZEEKR 001, ZEEKR 009 MPV, and ZEEKR X urban SUV. Their footprint is set to expand into Europe, the Middle East, and other Asian markets.

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