Powering Quebec’s Streets with a $2.1B Electric Bus Fleet: A Deep Dive into the Strategic and Sustainable Transition

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Grid-eMotion Fleet solution charging an electric bus at RTC garage.
Photo Source - Hitachi Energy

In the bustling streets of Quebec, a silent revolution is underway, one that promises to redefine urban mobility while addressing the pressing concerns of environmental sustainability. The recent deployment of Hitachi Energy’s centralized EV bus charging system for Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) and the colossal investment in 1,229 electric buses by the Canadian and Quebec governments are not mere advancements but pivotal milestones in the province’s sustainable transit narrative.

Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion® Fleet, a compact and efficient charging system, has been successfully deployed in a three-year pilot project initiated in 2022, aiming to electrify RTC’s entire bus fleet. Alireza Aram, Managing Director, Grid Integration North America, Hitachi Energy00, stated, “This project offers a great opportunity to demonstrate how charging systems designed specifically for fleets can play a critical role in transitioning our urban transit systems to fully electric operations.”

The Canadian and Quebec governments have orchestrated a $2.1 billion deal to procure 1,229 electric buses, marking it as North America’s largest electric bus acquisition project. Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault highlighted the environmental impact, noting that these vehicles will enable a reduction of 930,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The buses, manufactured by Nova Bus with at least 25% Canadian-made parts, will be delivered over four years, culminating in 2027.

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While the electrification of public transit is a commendable stride towards sustainability, it is not devoid of challenges. The practical issues of transitioning to electric buses in urban environments, especially those constrained by space, necessitate comprehensive strategies that encompass technological adaptations, infrastructural changes, and energy management solutions.

The transition to electric buses transcends charging solutions. It demands a holistic approach that integrates smart charging digital platforms, energy management, and optimization solutions, ensuring scalability and flexibility as the fleet expands. The data derived from the pilot project with Hitachi Energy will be pivotal in understanding practical challenges and formulating globally applicable strategies.

The electrification of public transit in Quebec is not an isolated event but a part of a broader strategy to develop a green economy, with a budget of $9 billion allocated for this purpose. The insights derived from these initiatives will not only inform RTC’s eventual transition to an all-electric bus fleet but also provide valuable data that can inform similar transitions worldwide.

The collaboration between Hitachi Energy, RTC, and the Canadian and Quebec governments is a testament to the collective efforts towards crafting a sustainable future. As cities globally navigate the path towards sustainability, these projects offer not just solutions, but also valuable learnings that can help navigate the challenges that lie ahead in the road to electrification.

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