Porsche and Greyp Modernize Mountain Biking with the Revolutionary Zaney eMTB

August 2, 2023
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Mountain Bike by Greyp and Porsche
Mountain Bike by Greyp and Porsche

Born from a collaboration between Greyp and Porsche, the Greyp Zaney eMTB aims to redefine the mountain biking experience. Croatian e-bike manufacturer Greyp, initially a sister company to Rimac Automobili, is now under Porsche’s umbrella, a strategic move made by the German auto giant in 2021. Porsche furthered its investment in e-drive technologies in 2021 by acquiring full ownership of Fazua, a leading developer of compact e-drive systems based in Ottobrunn. Now, Porsche’s investment in both Greyp and Fazua has culminated in the Zaney eMTB, a product that brings together the best of both worlds. This innovative eMTB seeks to blur the boundaries between traditional trail bikes and full-powered eMTBs, promising agility, exhilaration, stability, and confidence on even the most demanding trails.

The Zaney is built around a feather-light, full carbon fiber frame designed with a dynamic trail geometry, making it a game-changer in the eMTB space. It boasts an optimal blend of maneuverability and stability, thanks to its 64.5-degree head-tube angle, 76.8-degree effective seat-tube angle, and a 445-mm-long chainstay. The Horst Link suspension allows the bike to glide over bumps seamlessly, even during intense braking maneuvers. The Zaney’s heart is a Fazua Ride 60 mid-mount drive system, consisting of a 450-W motor offering 60 Nm of torque and a 430-Wh downtube battery. An added boost mode offers riders an extra 100 watts of power for a quick 12-second burst, perfect for overtaking or tackling steep inclines. The Zaney lineup offers three different builds, starting with the 310, sporting a SRAM NX Eagle gearset, a OneUp V2 dropper seat post, RockShox suspension, 29-inch BlackJack Ready wheels, and Formula Cura two-piston disc brakes.

The mid-range 510 variant brings an upgrade with a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, Fox suspension, WTB SpeedTerra wheels with TrailBoss tires, and Formula Cura four-piston brakes. Crowned as the pinnacle of the Zaney range, the 710 offers SRAM AXS Eagle Transmission, a RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post, an adjustable handlebar, Fox Factory suspension, Newmen Evolution A30 wheels, and Formula Cura four-piston brakes. Available in medium, large, and extra-large frame sizes, the Zaney’s weight varies between 18 and 19 kg, depending on the chosen configuration. To enhance the rider’s experience, an LED display on the handlebar allows for quick mode switching without compromising focus. All Zaney variants come equipped with a SP Connect phone mount, providing riders with quick access to the Fazua app for real-time e-bike data and motor fine-tuning.

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Greyp is yet to reveal pricing details for the Zaney eMTB, although it’s clear that this high-spec bike is not targeting the budget end of the market. The pre-order for the Zaney will kick off in late September, with expected delivery slated for November. Powered by the Fazua Ride 60 system, the Zaney combines power, control, and technological finesse to deliver an unparalleled biking experience. Zaney’s boost mode features a unique capability, offering a surge of 550 watts of power for 12 seconds, perfect for overcoming challenging terrains. With an impressive 150 millimeters of front suspension travel and 145 millimeters at the rear, the Zaney ensures a smooth ride on rough terrains. The incorporation of Sram’s Eagle group sets enhances the bike’s performance, with the NX Eagle featured in the base model and the innovative Transmission in the top-of-the-line version.

Greyp’s commitment to innovation and Porsche’s strategic investment herald a new era in the e-bike industry, with the Zaney eMTB setting new standards for performance and design. The Greyp Zaney’s lightweight and advanced features make it a standout product for those seeking the thrill of off-road biking without sacrificing the agility of traditional bicycles. Despite its high-end features and technology, the Zaney maintains a weight comparable to non-electric mountain bikes, an achievement that speaks to Greyp’s commitment to designing practical and accessible e-bikes. The eMTB also features a seamless integration with a smartphone, enhancing its practicality and ease of use for riders. Although the pricing details are yet to be announced, the Greyp Zaney eMTB’s high-quality components, advanced features, and cutting-edge technology position it as a premium offering in the e-bike market.

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