NIU Technologies Shakes Up the Dirt Bike Scene with Electrifying XQi3 Launch

November 10, 2023
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XQi3 Dirt Bike

NIU Technologies, known for their electric two-wheelers, just rolled out their first electric dirt bike, the NIU XQi3. It’s a big deal for them, stepping into the electric dirt bike scene with something that’s not only cool but also smart and eco-friendly.

XQi3 Dirt Bike

The XQi3 isn’t your average dirt bike. It’s built for both city streets and rough trails. Dr. Yan Li, the big boss at NIU, calls it a “city adventure bike.” It’s meant to give you a rush whether you’re dodging urban obstacles or tearing up a dirt path. The bike’s electric heart pumps out some serious power, making every ride a blast.

XQi3 Dirt Bike

You’ve got two flavors of the XQi3: the Street version for road warriors and the Wild version for the off-road junkies. It can go about 43.5 miles on a single charge, and it’s all good with US and European motorcycle licenses. The 72v32Ah LG battery is a beast, cranking out 8000w of peak power, so you’re never left wanting more juice.

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Here’s the lowdown on the XQi3’s cool bits:

  • Ultra Boost with Instant Torque: This thing jumps to life with a tap of the throttle, thanks to its massive torque and 8000w boost.
  • Top-Notch KKE Suspension: Both ends of the bike have adjustable forks, making for a smooth ride no matter the terrain.
  • Hill Climbing Hero: Steep hill? No sweat. The XQi3 eats inclines for breakfast.
  • Big Tires and Solid Brakes: It’s rolling on 19-inch off-road tires, and the brakes are top-tier, so you stop when you need to.
  • Smart Display: Get calls and alerts right on the bike’s display. Handy, right?
  • NFC Unlock: Tap and go. It’s that easy to get started.
  • Lap Time and Map Tracking: Keep tabs on your rides and push your limits.
  • All-Terrain, All-Weather Ready: Rain, shine, city, or trail, the XQi3 is up for it.
XQi3 Dirt Bike

The XQi3 stands out from the usual dirt bikes. It’s stable, comfy, and comes in four cool colors. You can even slap on some custom stickers. Starting at $5,499, it’ll hit NIU stores and dealers in the U.S. by March 2024.

XQi3 Dirt Bike

NIU’s been in the e-vehicle game since 2015, with over 3 million rides sold. The XQi3 shows they’re serious about changing how we get around, making it fun and green. As the world leans more into sustainable rides, the XQi3 is right there, offering a mix of thrill and responsibility.

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