Lilium and InoBat Join Forces for Revolutionary eVTOL Battery Production

November 10, 2023
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Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet
Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet. Source: Lilium

Lilium, an electric aviation innovator, is teaming up with InoBat, a battery tech leader, to boost production of high-performance batteries for the Lilium Jet, an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This partnership, with Gotion High-Tech’s backing, is a big move in sustainable air travel.

The Deal: Powering eVTOL Progress

Lilium and InoBat are expanding their partnership to scale up battery cell production. These cells are key to the Lilium Jet, designed for regional travel. InoBat, supported by Gotion High-Tech, will make these cells in Slovakia’s Volta I and upcoming Volta II factories. Gotion High-Tech, a major battery cell manufacturer and Volkswagen Group supplier, adds its expertise to this project.

Production Powerhouse

InoBat’s Volta II factory, its first gigafactory, will have a 4 GWh capacity. This scale is crucial for meeting Lilium’s battery needs. Gotion High-Tech’s experience in electric vehicle batteries will help boost Volta II’s production capabilities.

Key Insights from Leaders

Yves Yemsi, Lilium’s COO, is excited about the partnership’s future, focusing on reliable battery production. Marian Bocek, InoBat’s CEO, sees a strong fit with Lilium’s vision and is ready to deliver quality batteries with Gotion High-Tech’s help. Steven Cai from Gotion High-Tech talks about their role in the eVTOL industry’s electrification in Europe.

Lilium’s Green Mission

Lilium aims for fast, regional, and eco-friendly transport with the Lilium Jet. This electric jet, with no emissions and low noise, is central to their green travel goals. Collaborations with industry leaders support Lilium’s global presence and commitment to reducing air travel’s carbon footprint.

Gotion High-Tech and InoBat’s Roles

Gotion High-Tech specializes in power batteries for new energy vehicles and storage. InoBat focuses on innovative battery solutions for various sectors, including automotive and aerospace. Their combined strengths are vital for producing the Lilium Jet’s batteries.

Future Outlook

This partnership is a big step in electric aviation but faces challenges like scaling production and meeting eVTOL standards. The collaboration between Lilium, InoBat, and Gotion High-Tech is key to tackling these issues and leading sustainable air travel.

Lilium’s partnership with InoBat and Gotion High-Tech is crucial for advancing electric aviation. Their combined efforts in battery production are set to power the Lilium Jet, pushing the boundaries of sustainable, efficient air travel.

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