Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle: A New Player in Urban E-Mobility?

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Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source Naxeon
Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source Naxeon

In recent years, the electric mobility scene has seen a significant evolution, particularly with the rise of electric two-wheelers. A standout example is the Naxeon I AM, an electric motorcycle from the Chinese startup Naxeon, which made its debut at EICMA 2023. This bike represents a fusion of efficiency and excitement for urban commuters.

Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source: Naxeon

The Naxeon I AM features a compact, clean design, reminiscent of mini-bikes like the Honda Grom but with a futuristic twist. It’s engineered for sleekness and modernity, resembling a sci-fi movie prop. This design philosophy extends to its LED lighting and aerodynamic lines, making it not only a mode of transport but also a statement piece in urban mobility.

Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source: Naxeon

Performance-wise, the I AM impresses with a top speed of 75 miles per hour. It’s powered by a robust electric motor located in the rear wheel’s hub. The bike offers a choice between a 4.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh semi-solid-state battery pack, providing a range of 75 to 113 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it boasts fast-charging technology, achieving a 20 to 80 percent charge in just 90 minutes.

Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source: Naxeon

Naxeon has equipped the I AM with a suite of advanced features. These include the NXN Domain Controller, NIS (NAXEON Interaction System), OTA functionalities, a self-developed suspension system, ABS, TCS, and a keyless ignition system. The bike also includes a 7-inch color touchscreen that integrates with front and rear cameras, enhancing both functionality and safety.

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Founded in 2021 in ChongQing, China, Naxeon quickly expanded into the European market through a partnership with E-Quilibrium, an Italian company. This move has facilitated the distribution of the I AM in France and Belgium, with Germany soon to follow. Remarkably, despite its advanced technology, the Naxeon I AM is priced at an accessible 7,400 euros (approximately $7,971), making it a competitive player in the electric mobility market.

Naxeon I AM Electric Motorcycle, Photo Source: Naxeon

The Naxeon I AM blends cutting-edge technology, efficient performance, and a distinct design, offering a unique option for urban commuters. Set for deliveries in the spring of 2024, it’s a promising addition to the evolving world of electric two-wheelers.

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