Gurmukh Bhasin Presents Transparent Electric Bike with Urban-Street Spirit

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Transparent BIke
Transparent Bike PHoto Credit:Google

Imagery of the CR-Dos – Ghost is out, the second personal motorcycle concept by Gurmukh Bhasin, an architect-turned-3D concept designer based in Los Angeles. It’s an electric bike featuring transparent panels that showcase its internal components. The bike’s design originated from a tire concept, which evolved into the wheel and eventually the entire bike. Bhasin focused on celebrating structural elements, experimenting with materials, and creating a complex layering of parts and shapes.

Bhasin has a unique approach to design, merging his architectural background with digital artistry. His process involves early utilization of tools like Maya, MOI3D, Keyshot, and Photoshop. Bhasin’s life experiences, from studying architecture in Arizona to skateboarding in Barcelona, deeply influence his creative output.

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His first motorcycle concept, the White Rhino 077, was also a personal project. Bhasin conducted research and chose a specific style and stance for the bike, emphasizing that it was one of his most enjoyable projects.

Bhasin’s commitment to digital art and design is evident in his work. He views himself as an “eternal student,” constantly exploring the intersection of reality and imagination, and seeking new ways to merge traditional and contemporary design techniques.

For detailed visuals and further insights into Bhasin’s work, including the CR-Dos – Ghost and White Rhino 077, please refer to his official website and the provided Behance link. 

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