More Responsible Living , A Trash To Art Project

October 24, 2022
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More Responsible Living is a social awareness project which promotes awareness among people through art, health and sustainable practices. It promotes a plastic free environment, showcases marine debris art, holistic healing, more sustainable apparel and earth friendly products along with creative art pieces through their beach findings. They are here to make more socially and environmentally responsible choices. 

More Responsible Living believes in fair pricing, fair wages, and more ecologically friendly manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, these decisions may have an impact on entire communities. They recommend brands, companies and businesses who consider and practice all these values.

Making better decisions about what you put in your body is a passionate goal of MRL. They encourage all to take charge of one’s body and become an advocate for your own health by learning about the kinds of food you eat and the medications you use. MRL hopes that the recipes, concepts, advice, and stories they share will motivate you to better care for your family and yourself.

Because everything is connected, MRL are aware that the condition of our soil affects the health of our plants, which in turn affects how we as humans feel. Foods grown healthy and naturally give us the nutrients we need for optimum health. MRL lean towards regenerative methods that are used, the carbon that has been released into the atmosphere and absorbed by the ocean as a result of the use of fossil fuels, the manufacture of plastics, and other human activities can be stored by the soil. Regenerative farming methods that can stop climate change are promoted by More Responsible Living. MRL thus supports companies and farmers who provide organic, sustainably farmed goods.

On the day of international Coastal Cleanup 17th September, the biggest community science day of the year is a Surfrider Cleanup which this page tries to sort, count and weigh. This Cleanup began more than 35 years ago when communities railed together with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering their coastline. Tim Ashbey, an Alchemy and dimensional artist, in collaboration with them try to carve out their art of fishing nets and feathers through laundry detergent and bleach bottles on Earth week and World Ocean Day creating awareness for over 500 families. 

In their blog they openly talk about a children’s book of art by Kelly Crul, an author and illustrator of picture books for children, mostly inspiring as it created awareness among people through its writings. MRL is trying to educate the masses through building a weaving close up where so many microfibers find their way into the food chain. Also encouraging their local retailers like Costco, Bigsave etc. to choose products with little or no packaging or packaging that is biodegradable. They also promote brilliant artistic pieces of Kauai society that make the shows more interesting. A non-profit art group promoting the visual arts on Kauai since 1983.

They use 3 kinds of plastics in their art. 

  1. Marine debris that’s been floating around in the pacific gyre then washed ashore.
  1. Beach trash like sand toys and shoes that someone left behind AND
  1. Reclaimed materials like those they found on the ground at recycling bins, something they have that broke, materials that they inevitably bring home when shopping for food, even after they practice as much plastic free shopping on an island, if it gets shipped, it comes with plastic.

Thus with the help of mosaic art and Kauai art they try to send thoughts of peace to those who were affected exploring the finest artivism.

Thus with the help of mosaic art and Kauai art they try to send thoughts of peace to those who were affected exploring the finest artivism. 

Bhagyalaxmi Patra

Bhagyalaxmi is pursuing Political Science Honours from Calcutta University. She believes in hard work and keeps an open mind to learn new skills as a fresher.

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