Mercedes-Benz All-Electric G-Class EQG
Mercedes-Benz All-Electric G-Class EQG

Mercedes-Benz’s Takes a Green Turn: The All-Electric G-Class EQG!

September 6, 2023
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Mercedes-Benz G-Class shared a glimpse of the “Spellbinding desert dreams with the Concept EQG,” a prototype of the forthcoming all-electric G-Class, set to make its debut in 2024. The brand’s shift towards electrification was teased alongside the unveiling of the Concept CLA Class. At the 2023 IAA Munich motor show, insights into the electric G-Wagen were shared by Markus Schafer, the chief technical officer of Mercedes-Benz.

The design of EQG is a harmonious blend of the iconic G-Class structure with modern electric elements, highlighted by an illuminated LED panel bearing the company’s three-pointed star emblem. The EQG’s design is reminiscent of a child’s drawing, yet it resonates with a diverse audience, from celebrities to entrepreneurs. An illuminated LED panel grille and rounded wheel arches are among the EQG’s standout features.

Schafer highlighted the G-Class’s 40-year iconic status, emphasizing its global recognition. Drawing parallels with AMG and Maybach’s humble beginnings, Schafer hinted at expanding the G-Class family. The electric G-Wagen concept, first showcased in 2021, was reconfirmed by CEO Ola Kallenius at a recent IAA event.

The EQG aims to blend the rugged charm of the traditional G-Wagen with cutting-edge electric technology. The new “baby G” will harness existing Mercedes technology, ensuring brand consistency. Unique components will distinguish the EQG, setting it apart as a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle. Performance-wise, the EQG is set to redefine benchmarks with options for both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The EQG’s battery is anticipated to offer a range nearing 300 miles, coupled with fast-charging capabilities.

Inside, the EQG promises a blend of luxury and tech, with high-quality materials and multiple digital interfaces. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system will elevate the driving experience with AI and voice commands. The EQG’s interior will also feature ergonomic seats, ambient lighting, and a premium Burmeister audio system.

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Rumors suggest the EQG will be available in two sizes, with the full-sized model possibly launching next year. Speculations about the EQG’s pricing indicate it might be more affordable than its gasoline counterpart. Comparing with competitors, the EQG’s price might align closer to the £80-90k range, balancing luxury with affordability. In the competitive electric SUV market, the EQG will face rivals like the Tesla Model X and Audi Q8 e-tron. Mercedes-Benz is banking on the G-Class’s legacy to differentiate the EQG from its competitors.

The EQG’s potential pricing strategy might cater to diverse budgets, offering various trims and customizations. Mercedes envisions the EQG as a game-changer, merging the G-Class’s durability with the EQ’s environmental benefits. There’s buzz around the possibility of the G-Wagon evolving into a distinct division with exclusive products. As the anticipation builds, the EQG is poised to be a pivotal release for Mercedes-Benz in the electric vehicle landscape.

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