Meet the GAC ERA at Guangzhou Auto Show: China’s Trailblazing Hydrogen SUV

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GAC Design Photo Credit:Behance

The GAC ERA Concept car, unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, is an ambitious leap into the future of automotive design, embodying China’s growing prowess in the new energy vehicle sector. This full-size SUV, larger than the Cadillac Escalade, stretches 5,413 mm in length and boasts a 3,132 mm wheelbase. It’s a brainchild of GAC’s global design collaboration, involving teams from Los Angeles to Milan.


At the forefront of its design is a sleek, aerodynamic shape, achieved through simple lines that blend a robust front with a fastback-style tail. Notably, the vehicle features a full-width LED bar that integrates headlights, sensors, and cameras, positioned above a body-colored grille. The ERA Concept also sports suicide doors and aerodynamically shaped side skirts, underlined by large-diameter alloy wheels, ensuring a ground clearance of 244 mm.


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The car’s interior offers a unique living room experience. Rotating front seats and a convertible central console cum table exemplify this. In the back, seats with foldable extensions provide versatility, morphing into leg rests or extra seats, with a central armrest unfolding into a tea table. The luxurious touch is accentuated by sunset purple bio-based mycelium leather upholstery, complemented by suede-like surfaces and a white wood-style texture. A large, Mercedes-style display dominates the dashboard, supplemented by a driver-centric screen and touch-sensitive controls.


Powering this futuristic SUV is not a conventional battery-electric setup but a hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) system. This system, featuring two rear-mounted electric motors, delivers a combined output of 540 hp. Its zero-emission range stands impressively at 800 km, refuelable at hydrogen stations.


GAC’s ERA Concept follows its lineage of innovative designs, like the TIME sedan, SPACE minivan, and Van Life camper. While not slated for direct production, elements of its design and technology are expected to trickle down to future models. This concept car represents not just a vehicle, but a visionary statement on the future of automotive design, marrying sustainability with cutting-edge technology and luxurious comfort. Its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show marks a significant milestone in GAC’s journey towards redefining the new energy vehicle landscape.

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