Mahindra’s Thar.e: The Indian Electric SUV That’s Changing Everything!

August 17, 2023
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Mahindra’s “Vision Thar.e” is a bold step into the electric vehicle (EV) arena, unveiled at the Futurescape event in Cape Town. “Vision Thar.e represents a revolutionary leap in design, preserving the robust DNA of the iconic brand,” highlighting Mahindra’s commitment to innovation. Veejay Nakra, President – Automotive Sector, Mahindra, emphasized the vehicle’s alignment with global sustainable consumption trends. Pratap Bose, Chief Design Officer, Mahindra, described the Thar.e as a “declaration of an exciting and responsible future.” The Thar.e’s modular construction sets it apart in the electric SUV market, combining timeless appeal with modern design.

The exterior of the Thar.e is a fresh vision, with geometric surfaces embodying the brand’s ‘explore the impossible’ ethos. Its interior design focuses on off-road driving essentials, blending minimalism with functionality. Sustainability is at the heart of the Thar.e, with fabrics made from 50% recycled PET and a commitment to recyclable plastics. The Thar.e is not just another off-roader; it’s a vision for the future of automotive design. “Creating Vision Thar.e was about embracing a future that’s bold and innovative,” said Pratap Bose.

The Thar.e’s design is distinct, moving away from the traditional ICE-powered Thar’s resemblance to the Jeep Wrangler. The electric Thar introduces a fresh design language, underpinned by a dedicated EV platform. The Thar.e concept EV is based on the all-new INGLO platform, offering flexibility in design and performance. “Thar.e caters to the adventurer in all of us, craving exploration without compromise,” Veejay Nakra remarked. The vehicle’s exterior features near-vertical windows, maximizing space and creating a commanding presence. The Thar.e’s interior showcases a central pivoting screen, robust grab handles, and an uncluttered layout.

Mahindra’s INGLO platform will underpin future models like the Bolero.e, Scorpio.e, and XUV.e. The Thar.e’s battery pack, sourced from BYD, could potentially offer a range of approximately 300 km on a single charge. Mahindra’s collaboration with Volkswagen might introduce more powerful motors for the Thar.e. “Thar.e is our declaration of an exciting and responsible future,” encapsulating Mahindra’s forward-thinking approach. The Thar.e’s rear design exudes an all-black allure, while its interior adopts a clean and minimalist approach.

The Thar.e electric SUV exclusively features five doors, emphasizing practicality. The vehicle’s imposing presence is accentuated by a substantial front bumper, drawing inspiration from contemporary SUVs. Mahindra’s visionary approach to electric mobility is embodied in the Thar.e concept. The Thar.e concept EV showcases a rectangular front fascia with square LED headlamp units and a rugged front bumper. “Our design forges a new path, standing as a testament to Mahindra’s commitment to cutting-edge creativity,” Pratap Bose stated.

The Thar.e’s design elements, such as the quartered square headlamps, are likely to incorporate modern LED illumination. The Thar.e electric SUV is a testament to Mahindra’s commitment to electric mobility and innovative design. The Thar.e’s market debut is anticipated around 2027, with several other Mahindra electric models set to launch before then. The Thar.e electric SUV was showcased at an event in South Africa, marking a significant milestone for Mahindra. “Thar.e is both timeless and timely,” Veejay Nakra emphasized, highlighting its enduring appeal.

The Thar.e’s design diverges from the conventional ladder-frame chassis, introducing a new era for the iconic SUV. The Thar.e concept gets a flat dashboard with grab handles, a central touchscreen, and a pronounced central tunnel. Mahindra’s Thar.e is more than an electric evolution; it’s a daring design transformation. The Thar.e’s exterior crafts a unique, formidable vision, showcasing Mahindra’s innovative design philosophy. “Vision Thar.e is a true icon reimagined, symbolizing our commitment to the future of electric mobility,” Mahindra announced. The Thar.e’s futuristic appeal is evident, notably showcased through its distinctive design elements. “The Thar.e boldly strides into the future on the INGLO-born electric platform,” marking a new chapter for Mahindra. “Our focus on sustainable materials resonates with the broader shift towards being planet positive,” Veejay Nakra highlighted.

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