Lilium Jet’s Production Launch Signals a New Chapter in Sustainable Aviation

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Lilium Starts Production of the Lilium Jet in Watershed

Lilium N.V. has reached a pivotal moment, transitioning from designing to manufacturing its all-electric Lilium Jet. The arrival of the fuselage to their assembly line in Wessling, Germany, marks this significant shift. The company’s CEO, Klaus Roewe, proudly states, “To see the first aircraft fuselage on the final assembly line ready to join up with the canard and wings is a proud moment for everyone involved in our mission to make aviation sustainable.” This sentiment underscores the collective dedication to advancing sustainable aviation.

Lilium’s production involves an intricate network of experienced tier-one suppliers, each contributing specialized parts and systems for the Lilium Jet. Yves Yemsi, COO of Lilium, recognizes this collaboration, saying, “I’d like to pay tribute not only to all Lilians, but also to the support and commitment of each of our suppliers and partners.” This highlights the cohesive effort behind the Jet’s production, essential for its success.

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Lilium’s facilities, covering 175,000 square feet, are where the Jet’s assembly takes place. The Jet, designed for both efficiency and passenger comfort, boasts a 250 km/h cruise speed and a 175 km range. It’s a testament to Lilium’s technological prowess in eVTOL innovation. Moreover, Lilium’s EASA Design Organization Approval validates their capability to meet the highest safety standards in aircraft design and certification.

Lilium targets the premium market initially, planning to expand to airlines, corporates, and governments. With a projected global Total Addressable Market of about 4,200 eVTOL units annually, the company is positioned to make significant inroads in the sector. Lilium’s long-term vision extends to 2050, aiming to replace carbon-intensive short-haul flights with their electric aircraft, covering up to 80% of commercial flights within a 2,000 km range.

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